Sunday, March 8, 2009

What's On AB's iPod? - A RemixTape?!?

One really cool thing about the innanets is that for those of us no longer ballsy enough to illegally download, legitimately free music can be found everywhere. Except for the few occasions that I break down and buy my wife some music for her iPod, I never buy anything anymore. With so much quality music of all genres out there for free, I just don't have to.

A few months ago, I told ya'll about an amazing 800 (!) song megamix of the greatest rap songs evar, courtesy of UK DJ Chris Read. Not to be outdone, Chris has put together an equally astonishing collection of remixes, "The diary volume 1.5 (20 years of the remix)".
One iconic hip hop track from each of the last 20 years, remixed paying tribute to the production style and sampling trends popular at the time of the original release. From the James Brown influenced style of the late 80s, to the jazz sampling trends of the mid '90s, to the iconic and distinct sounds of DJ Premier and Jay Dee, all the cornerstones of the genre's development are touched upon.
You guys know I don't BS you when it comes to good music, and this one delivers. Chris (who personally reached out to tell me about this new project) also has a boatload of other mixes available on the site, ranging from jazz to electronica. Literally something for errybody.

Download this baby to your MP3 player, and get it poppin' pronto.

Chris Read - "The diary volume 1.5 (20 years of the remix)" [MusicOfSubstance]

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