Thursday, March 26, 2009

What Would You Do?!? - Traffic Jam.

Okay, very simple human nature question here. I don't usually make pleas of this sort, but I'm asking as many members of AverageNation™ as possible to chime in. Yes, especially you 100's of daily lurkers, just comment Anonymously, no need to register.

Anyways, I'm en route to work this morning, and running a bit late. About 2/3 of the way into my burb' to burb' commute, I hit a massive traffic backup. Since it's raining, I figure this means an accident is somewhere up the road, and as far ahead as I can see, cars are not moving. So, I'm faced with a very basic decision which I'll ask you guys.

Do you...
A) Patiently sit tight, drive in the bumper to bumper traffic, and likely make it to work 20 minutes late.


B) Impatiently take a 15 mile out of the way detour, and likely make it to work 20 minutes late.
Again, this isn't a trick question, but I think your answer says a lot about how you think and process things. I'll share what I did later.

Question: Assuming the net result was still getting to work 20 minutes late either way, would you sit tight, or take the detour? Most importantly, please explain why.

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