Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Poll Position - March Madness Is Here.

Well, it's officially basketball season. The NCAA tourney begins in earnest tomorrow, and I for one will be trying to figure out ways to ditch work and go to Hooters follow the games even though I'm on the Day Job.

Anyone who follows this site knows I'm a UNC Tarheel fan. At the start of the season, some said North Carolina (the President's pick) might go undefeated on their way to the title. That turned out to be untrue, as the Tarheels suffered injuries and are the unofficial 3rd #1 seed in the tourney. Unless Ty Lawson magically gets 100% healthy, we may be in for yet another letdown. Of course I'm cheering for my boys to win it all still, but reality is setting in.

Louisville peaked late and now many consider them the favorites. UConn runs hot and cold. Pitt is a devastating team with brutes in the paint and better wings than KFC. They are my darkhorse. Dayton is this year's spoiler. They will pull off a couple of upsets.

Undeterred, I asked ya'll who you liked to win it all, and the results were interesting. I stopped the poll a bit early. If you didn't get around to voting, sorry for the Systematic Disenfranchisement and whatnot.
So, popular opinion has my Heels still winning it, injuries and all. I'll roll with that.

Question: Who do you have winning it all, and why? Any sleeper picks? Where do you typically ditch work to go catch the games?

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