Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Most Disturbing, Yet Bangin' Song Ever?!?

I'm not one of those who considers Dewayne Carter a genius by any stretch of the imagination, but even I gotta admit, some of his newer stuff (the tunes with Pharrell, the "Always Strapped" song with Birdman, the song with Drake) is intriguing.

I know "I Feel Like Dying" isn't exactly new (it's 3 years old in fact), but it happened to come on the other day while I was listening to Shade45 and I finally listened to the lyrics. Does this young man have some serious psychological problems he's trying to avoid with all that syrup or is it just me? Cop the headphones and turn this up loud for maximum effect.

Yeah, it's pretty sad. Here's a guy practically begging for help with his drug problem, but that beat is so damn crispy his pleas just get drowned out by that Karma sample. Sad, but true.

Question: Is Lil' Wayne's drug problem part of his creative process or a sure sign that he's headed for an early grave?

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