Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Is This Fox News, Or The 700 Club?!?

Seriously. Contrived crying? 9 Founding Principles? 12 Eternal Values? That creepy backdrop? Is this Glenn Beck or Jimmy Swaggart? How long before "Beck" breaks into that "I have sinnnnnned" confessional?

Not that you didn't already know, but it's really official now: Fox News is pointless entertainment not to be taken seriously by anyone with an IQ over 45. Hell, he collects a Rupert Murdoch check, but even Fox's Shepard Smith can't take this foolishness seriously.

Shepard Smith is my Nilla.

You guys can feel free to pummel me with salty comments, but I keeps my TeeVee locked on Fox News for reasons like the above. It's just pure entertainment. It's no more mindless, nor more destructive, than watching For The Love Of Ray J, not that I'd know personally because I refuse to tune into that Negro Nonsense. If I wanted Negro Nonsense, I'd just drive down to the corner of Georgia and I St. NW, park my car, and observe. Negro Nonsense isn't cool.

Caucasian Craziness like Beck, On The Record With Greta, Hannity, The O'Really Factor and Fox And Friends, though? Now I can watch that alllll day long.

Question: Be honest, do you also watch Fox News? How stoopid/scary is that Glenn Beck clip?

Props to The Black Snob for passing along this Caucasian Craziness.

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