Monday, March 2, 2009

Grand Hu$tle Week Begins!

Well, as promised, the much vaunted Grand Hu$tle Week begins today. Throughout the week, I'll bring you reviews of all the nonsensical products being hawked on basic cable channels errynight after 11pm.

In most cases, I am not providing reviews that reflect my personal experience with a given product. I did little more than Google the name of the product + the word "review" and in no time at all, a dizzying array of sites that specialize in little more than As-Seen-On TV product reviews surfaced. It's an easy way to quickly tell whether or not that latest gizmo with the ultra-corny commercial actually works as advertised. Given the present economy, I'd encourage everyone to checkout a product in similar fashion before shelling out hard earned duckats.

That said, Grand Hu$tle Week begins.

Grand Hu$tle... showing you how not to get got.

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