Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Grand Hu$tle?!? - Swivel Sweeper.

I don't know anyone who likes sweeping. I sure as hell don't. But with lots of tile and hardwoods in my house, the only way to keep dust bunnies from going all Easter and whatnot is sweeping on the regular. The Swivel Sweeper promises to save you and your back the trouble.

But does it actually work?

Unlike the other editions of Grand Hu$tle, I personally own one of these. We didn't actually buy it, my sister in law bought hers off TV, and gave the second (free) one to my wife just on GP.

I'm just glad we didn't personally spent money on this, cause it's a total and complete piece of sh*t.

As instructed, we fully charged the broom before using. This made little difference, because the broom simply doesn't have the requisite power to clear even small dirt off kitchen floors. It has less juice than your typical handheld car vac. It fared somewhat better on hardwood, but its poor design usually resulted in more dirt and dust blown elsewhere, rather than actually picked up. We only used this twice before banishing it to the garage, along with that awful Grill Daddy, and other various trinkets that didn't work as advertised.

This product doesn't suck. And that's a bad thing for a poor man's vacuum.

If you want a similar sweeper that works great and has its own charging base, try the Dirt Devil Kruz. It's a bit pricey ($69), but we've had ours for months now and it works like a champ. It's a fine example of solid design that works as it should, which is prolly something only an engineer can appreciate. It gets the AB.com Seal of Approval. Swivel Sweeper doesn't.

Synopsis: You get what you pay for. This $19 broom/vac works as it should, which is to say not at all. Keep your plain ole' broom.

Final Verdict: Grand HuStle. Save your money.

Question: Do you own a Swivel Sweeper? Would you buy it now?

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