Monday, March 2, 2009

Grand Hu$tle?!? - The Snuggie.

Unless you're living in a cave, you've prolly seen this commercial a million times by now. The Snuggie has actually become a cult sensation of sorts, with worship and hate sites sprouting up all over the web. The intentionally kitschy ad has turned into pure gold for Allstar Products Group, with more than 4 million of these backwards bathrobes pimped already.

But does it actually work?

What follows is a fairly representative opinion culled from numerous product review websites. Their words, not mine.
"I looked it up online and found a buy one get one free link. Since that’s much cheaper than even a decent blanket, I figured why not and ordered the Snuggie deal online. In a week, my Snuggie came and it was amazing. I was literally wearing a blanket while watching TV. I could reach out through my cozy fortress to change channels, read a book and used it to stay bundled up while working on my laptop."

"The postage and handling charges are crazy and shipping took 9 weeks. The blankets themselves had a terrible odor that took four washing to get rid of. I paid an up-charge to receive the blankets that are 50% thicker and boy are they thin. I'd hate to see the regular blanket."

"Ultimately, you really do not as they grossly overcharge for postage. I ended up paying about $38 for the two. I had to get two of the same color which was not optimum for our family. We have plenty of fleece blankets and even the worst & most worn one is far superior in quality to the fabric of the Snuggee. Save your money!"

"Would not recommend this product, it is like a blanket. is very thin and very clumsy to wear, and is not made of a warm fleece material."

"The Snuggie was fabulous, and although i laughed about it for awhile, it works better than i thought. The material is thin, and i'm not sure the material is supersoft fleece but whatever it is, it's definitely warm. Don't try to walk in it though: it's long enough to trip on, and it falls off your shoulders. I think it should have some sort of clip in the back, but the commercial didnt advertise that you can walk in it. So it's my own fault/ I heart my Snuggie!"

"The Snuggie is VERY thin, feels like felt, not fleece!!! Not warm at all. Not comfortable at all to lay with, falls off your shoulders and arm holes are so big that cool air get in it. Do not try to walk while wearing it, does not stay on and you end up tripping on it. I was SO excited to get this, I had searched high and low to find someone who did not have it on back order, then found it at and was willing to pay more because I had wanted it so bad. It was so disappointing I ended up returning it the very next day."

"It is not the thickest material in the world, but it is surprisingly warm. My only complaint is it is not big enough to wrap around my whole body (which is really my fault, as I am quite large), but if I'm sitting down this is not an issue. I just tuck it around me and my back isn't exposed."

"It is a thin fabric but holds the heat in very well. The girlfriend likes to put it on backwards. Where the opening is in the front, she likes it better that way."

"Product itself is not bad. We ordered the 50% thicker, deluxe, versions but they still seem pretty thin... they are warm though, and a good size to wrap around. However, the 6 weeks delivery was a bit of a pain - got them in time for Christmas, but it was touch and go for a little while."

"Aside from that i am pleased with the product. For $40 total (with shipping) i received 2 snuggies and 2 booklights. The booklights are actually fairly nifty, with a nice white colored light. The snuggie itself is of good quality. While the fabric will not amaze anyone it is nice and does not feel cheap. The garment is really quite large in every way. This is nice because it covers your entire body well, but at the same time there is a lot of extra material in the sleeves and around the neck . As long as you dont intend to actually do anything in it this shouldnt be a problem."
Synopsis: The Snuggie costs far more (twice actually) than its advertised price, and is relatively thin unless you fall for the hidden upsell (aka: a legal bait & switch) and buy the beefed up deluxe version. Although the blanket with sleeves is a bit cumbersome, it ultimately fulfills its stated pupose of keeping you warm and firmly parked on your coach.

Final Verdict: Buy It! But be aware of the hidden S&H fee and the deluxe upsell.

Question: Do you own a Snuggie? Would you buy one now? How stoopid is that commercial?

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