Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Grand Hu$tle?!? - The ShamWow!

You've seen this ad, with its obnoxious, overcaffienated host who looks like Chad from The Mad Real World, wiping up 5 gallon spills with a super chamois that's no thicker than a Kleenex. It looks too good to be true.

But does it actually work?

What follows is a fairly representative opinion culled from numerous product review websites. Their words, not mine.
"I bought the Shamwow and was extremly disappointed in the product. It does nothing at all like it does in the commercial. A towel does a better job. Save your money and buy a few new towels instead. It just smears the water all over the place, nothing is dry at all."

"i have seen the commercial so many times with my boyfriend, and they seemed good to me. so he goes and gets them on his way from work. i tried it and it was ok. nothing like the way the gut did on tv but it worked somewhat on the carpet when my boyfriend spilled some soda. i rarely use it. just around he kitchen to clean up messes. its ok. just not what i expected."

"I got a ShamWOW for Christmas and never used it. Yesterday our toilet overflowed and flooded the bathroom, kitchen and basement. At some point our basement mop disappeared, so we put on rubber glvoes and used the ShamWOW to clean up the puddles on the floor. It did a great job."

"It was okay. There was some serious embelishments in the commercial. Tried almost everything as done in the commercial and none turned out like it did for him. Just another rag as far as I'm concerned."

"I liked this product. Works great on my car and does as advertised. I recommend this product. I purchased it off of and am satisified with the shamwow shammy, although the guy in the commercial is creepy."

"I got one for my black truck to dry it fast... it didn't. Didn't work dry or wet, it just smeared the water around. Took them back to the store and bought $20 worth of good bath towels. They work great."

"I bought the Shamwow and was soooo disappointed in the product. It does nothing at all like it does in the commercial. My dish towel does a better job at drying my dishes. I agree that they do not wash well. Save your money. Shamwow is garbage. I use it to clean my puppy's messes on floor."
Synopsis: Any manufacturer ballsy enough to put the words "sham" in their product name better be good enough to back it up. Unfortunately, the ShamWow appears to be just what its name implies. A total Sham that will have you saying "Wow! Did I really just throw about $20 like that?"

Final Verdict: Grand Hu$tle!!! Bounty cleans the mess with less.

Question: Do you own a ShamWow!?? Would you buy one now? How obnoxious is the d-bag in that commercial?

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