Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Grand Hu$tle?!? - Loud -N- Clear.

This commercial is about the stoopidest thing I've personally ever seen. Any person with half a brain could probably surmise that not only does Loud -N- Clear maginify the voice of the person you wanna hear, it also maginifies every thing in-between, including white noise, ticking clocks, barking dogs, and random traffic.

Again, that's just my educated guess.

But does it actually work?

What follows is a fairly representative opinion culled from numerous product review websites. Their words, not mine.
"I purchased the Loud-N-Clear to help my mom's hearing. After ordering 1 time, NOTHING arrived. After ordering a 2nd time, only ONE of the buy one get one free earpieces arrived after maybe a month of waiting. Also, weeks after my original order and billing, i recieved a $37 charge on my account i used to pay for the loud-n-clear in addition to the $23.52 charge! In many, many, many attempts to call ideavillage and their customer service i constantly get a busy signal or i get a recorded message saying they're busy (ALL THE TIME?!) and to call back at another time, to avoid waiting long (it doesnt give you a choice) and then hangs up on you. The product itself is satisfactory, the company behind it is AWFUL. Beware of extra charges!"

"I ordered this product on the buy one get one free and I received both. One works fine the other was broken. I also tried to report it to Idea village and got the and response... to busy call back and then they disconnect. the one time I did get to talk to a "real person" they said they would transfer me to a supervisor, put me on hold and shortly I got the same recording to call back later, they were to busy.DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY unless you want to gamble on getting a product that work."

"I ordered the loud n clear for my mother. I did this online on 12/4 for Christmas. It is 12/22. I have called and called. Busy, recording.When I did provide my order number on the phone, the info given to me "no such order exists". No one to speak to. This company is very shady."

"After my mother's hearing aid broke I purchased two of these. She tried really hard to use it but after two days gave up. I took her to the hearing aid center and I tried to use it to turn the tv down but either one or both gave me too much noise. I don't see the value at all."

"The ear piece is unconformable, you have to wear it in the right ear only so the mic points to the TV or person talking. The volume has to be all the way up. It picks up the TV sound ok, I don't think it is worth the $30.00 you have to pay after S&H."

"The only sound slightly ampified was my own voice. Device is totally useless. Emailed customer service, no response. Please do not waste your time or money on this device."

"This hearing devise product does not work at all like the infrmercial states. I am very disappointed in it. All I hear is hissing, and if I speak, I hear my oun voice in it. It does not amplify any other sounds. You certainly CAN NOT hear a pin drop in another room as the ad states! It is useless. I am returning it tomorrow."

"I am a 67 year old man who lives in a big home. I have had the Loud and Clear for 4 days and the sound is amazing! I love it, I take it wherever I go. The sound is so crisp I have drinks on my balcony and I can hear the gay couple next door having sex! Thanks Loud and Clear!!!"
Synopsis: Just as I suspected, this phony looking Bluetooth is nothing but a scam. If doesn't work as advertised, but then again, what fool would think a $19 device could give you bionic hearing anyway? Even worse, the company seems jive shady and anytime you aren't able to contact Customer Support, that's an immediate red light. Save your money.

Final Verdict: Grand Hu$tle!!! Steer wide and clear and Loud -N- Clear.

Question: Do you own a Loud -N- Clear? Would you buy one now? How stoopid is that commercial?

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