Thursday, March 5, 2009

Grand Hu$tle?!? - Cash 4 Gold.

You've seen the commercials by now. They even ponied up enough cash for a Super Bowl ad. Ed McMahon. Hammer. Party like it's 1991! Break out the CapriSuns! Fun times all around! The fine folks at Cash 4 Gold want to help you expunge the bitter memories of that time your man cheated on you with a Redskinette and left you with a cold sore and a lousy 14 karat engagement ring. That's right ladies, get that fool back! Get full money for that rang, and take your friends on an "eff' him girl!" vacation to unwind.

But do they actually give you enough money for your gold?

What follows is a fairly representative opinion culled from numerous product review websites. Their words, not mine.
"What a rip off! I sent them 2 rings and I already have a written appraisal from the jewelers where the items were purchased, which I might add...has been in business almost 35 years and is well respected. They wrote me back and said the rings were 12 K gold, not 14K, which is not true and that they were not sapphire and diamonds! Then you can talk to the idiots in customer service...who have no idea where they even work or what they do!"

"I got online and requested the free, insured Refiner’s Return Kit. I placed my unwanted gold jewelry in the secured envelope. Then I dropped the pre-paid insured envelope at a convenient mail box and mailed it off to be weighed. I thought that I would hear something about my package, but I did not. A week later I called to verify receipt. The company said that they had received my shipment and were mailing a check out on that very day. They would not disclose to me on the telephone the amount of my payment, "for security purposes". Then, eight days later, still no check. I telephoned the company again to track my payment. They informed me that it had been mailed and should arrive "within the next two days. On day twelve I finally did receive a check. It was for $104.25 for my mounce of gold that I had sent in. Ten days ago, I would have been happy with that. Because, as I was just literally sitting in my jewelry box never to be worn again. However, I began to watch the price of gold according to trading prices per ounce. At the time, gold was trading for $836.00 per ounce! Yes! That being said, I know that my gold varied in I am certain mine was not worth 836.00 but certainly more than $104.00. "

"I sent in scrap gold valued elsewhere at $180 and was offered one third of that amount by Cash4Gold. I balked at their $60 check and called their customer service line, where I immediately got a new offer: $178!"

"I received a check from Cash 4 Gold that was very low in value to the items I sent to them. I phoned and emailed customer service and told them I was not pleased with the check and asked to send my items back to me. At this point I told them I was contacting the Better Business Bureau regarding their ads beinng untruthful. I then got a call from them to call them back and I did tell them I did contact the BBB and wanted my jewelery back. The BBB contacted them but it took Cash 4 Gold a long time to respond and did not respond to the final response requested by the BBB. BBB closed the case but Cash 4 Gold has this on their record."

"I John Wubker am returning the check issued from for the return of all Items sent in to them Valuable as well as the Non Valueable
items. I am Very Dissatisfied with the amount Offered For 14.80 pennyweight's of valuables. The Offer being less then 10% current London Gold fixed the day the check was issued."

"A Syracuse TV station did an investigative report and got taken for a ride. They sent in $700 worth of gold and got a check for $100."

"The site says that when you send in your jewelry there are no experts or special equipment to determine the real price of what you sent in. Cash for Gold claims 100% satisfaction or your jewelry back BUT the deal is you can return your check and get your things back ten days after your check is dated. It normally takes 7-10 days to get your check anyway even though the commercial says 24 hours. They say that 97% of people who actually receive their check are outraged with the amount they get. They say that some people even got a check for 0.01 cents. Why hasn't Cash for Gold been shut down yet?"
Synopsis: Cash 4 Gold has received a “C+” rating from the Better Business Bureau. That should tell you all you need to know. The company has also reportedly been offering bloggers and review sites money to remove posts and comments with negative reviews. I can attest to this personally, because I did a Google search last month and found literally dozens of sites chock full of bad reviews. This week, when I did my research, finding any review period, was about as easy as T-Pain going platinum without AutoTune. The customer service seems shady. The process of getting your jewelry back if you don't like their appraised rate is shady. The way they appraise the gold is shady. What more do you need to hear? If you really need to hawk that engagement ring, go to a pawnshop and your local jeweler instead. Better yet, hold onto it just in case the value of the American dollar keeps declining.

Final Verdict: Grand Hu$tle!!! Keep your jewelry, please!

Question: Have you tried Cash 4 Gold? Do you think there's a good chance they offer me money to remove this post? Should I take the loot if they do?

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