Sunday, March 1, 2009

The GOP's Real Problem.

I, like prolly most of my readers, wouldn't know CPAC from Tupac. But in any event, the GOP had their annual meeting of the Conservative braintrust (is that any oxymoron?) in DC this weekend. Most of this three-day conference was played on CSPAN and Fox News. I'll admit, when my son was napping, I just happened to flip by for a moment, and what I saw was endemic of why the GOP stays losing.

Seriously, why do hate mongerers like Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter deserve to be anywhere within 50 miles of legitimate party business? These folks should be considered the fringe, but there they were, the feature presentation, and the headliner.

Coulter went first, and proved that she's learned nothing from her infamous "John Edwards is a fag" incident at the 2007 convention. This year, she used her bully pulpit to essentially compare President Obama to Hitler, suggest that legendary White House reporter Helen Thomas be pummelled in a 12 round boxing match, and to assail Obama as an "ape" and "baboon".

Not to be outdone, fatmouth Rush Limbaugh lowered the proceedings to new depths of hatred with his 90 minute keynote speech.

Hell, they even got a 14 year old kid in on the action.

I'm sure that guy doesn't get a bunch of attention from young ladies wedgies in gym class.

Seriously, if you're a self-professed Conservative, I gotta know: Do you think these folks are doing a good job as the de facto leaders of your party, and if so, why?

Say what you will about liberals, but I can't say I've ever observed anything as vile and spiteful as the two above speeches in my 35 years from the Democrats. If you'd like to provide YouTube evidence of something I may have overlooked, please drop the links you know where. Enlighten me.

In a loosely related development, the CPAC straw poll had most in attendance favoring Mitt Romney in 2012. The same Mitt Romney who just spent millions of his own fortune and lost to a 72 year old also-ran. Chew on that.

I could be wrong, but by an overwhelming majority, Americans showed that they were sick and tired of this particular brand of "divide and conquer", "us vs them", "real American values" politricks back in November. The GOP put a Black guy in charge, mainly as a sign that they realized the times were changing. I've promised to attempt to keep an open mind about the party, and closely monitor what they were doing to retool. Needless to say, this ain't what I had in mind, and I'm pretty sure it ain't what the millions of other voters are looking for either.

Smarten up, GOP.

Question: Does the GOP really want to expand its reach to a broader cross section of voters? If so, why did they fill the stage with a band of idiots like Rush and Coulter?

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