Sunday, March 1, 2009

Go Sit Down, Joe.

"Website number?"

Yeah, I'm a bit late with this one, but still. I'll just go ahead and admit it, I'm having buyer's remorse with Joe Biden. Can this guy go more than 7 days without doing or saying something stoopid?

I know, I know, nobody actually voted for Biden, he was just a part of the deal, sorta like how you get that hash brown with your Big Breakfast at McDonalds. You don't ask for the hash brown, and you don't like it, but it's gonna be there when you open the box anyway. At least you can toss the hash brown out the window. We're stuck with this d-bag for another 4 years, if not more.

Seriously, your whole job as Veep is to serve as a glorified weedcarrier. You might see some action if things go badly, but otherwise you are just supposed to shut up, fall back, and lay low. Biden either didn't read the job description, or simply isn't qualified for it. I'm beginning to believe those folks who said Biden wasn't smart or self-controlled enough to be President were right all along. I'm also wondering if just maybe he got too much of a free pass during the vetting process. If the token Conservatives need to get an "I told ya' so" off their chests, consider this a free pass. I don't even have a retort.

If he was smart, he'd realize he's got the sweetest gig in the world, this side of an NBA assistant coach. He gets all the benefits (free crib, free food, travel, in the history books) and few of the downsides of being Prez. There are millions of folks who'd give a random appendage to be in his shoes.

And apparently millions of folks more qualified to do so.

Go sit down, Joe.

Question: Are you having buyer's remorse about Joe Biden? Could Joe Budden have done a better job? Could you do better job?

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