Tuesday, March 24, 2009

From Hedge Fund Manager, To Pizza Delivery Man?!? Riiight.

The folks at ABC News apparently just discovered we're in a recession. Now, seemingly each episode of the newsmag 20/20 focuses on some aspect of how folks are faring in this economy. There was Diane Sawyer's ridonculous special on Appalachia, John Stossel's Libertarian infomercial, and now, just when you thought the show couldn't get more absurd, this example of Extreme Caucasian Craziness.

Pour yourself a cup of Joe, and settle in. This is a good one.

I suppose we should give ABC News credit for showing a different angle on the stories of those effected by the economy. But c'mon, there's nothing even remotely newsworthy about this. Elizabeth Vargas, assuming she isn't laughing at these morons off-camera, should be ashamed. These folks lived waaaay beyond their means. They didn't invest properly. The husband took an unnecessary risk of leaving a $750k/yr gig to start a business, without the wherewithal to trim down household expenses just in case things didn't pan out. Isn't "preparing for the worst" like Entreprenerism Tip #6?

Now, these idiots haven't paid their mortgage in years, are collecting food stamps, and will likely be on the street by the Summer. The wife (who looks eerily like Jill Biden) has to be the most detestable character I've seen on TeeVee since that 2nd OJ trial. I know it's not nice to laugh at the misfortune of others, but c'mon.

And the point of this story, other than gawking, is...?[1]

I smell a rat here. My Negro BS Radar was going off the entire time I watched this. Why is the guy delivering pizzas, a job which essentially pays nothing after taxes? Are you telling me that he was resourceful enough to have a gig that paid almost $1M/yr at some point, but doesn't have a Rolodex with a single contact that can get him a decent job? And how the hell do kids get their $30k/yr private school tuition paid by "an anonymous donor" in this economy? I'm tellin' ya'll, somethin' ain't right. If this ends up turning into a book deal/documentary at some point in the future, remember where you read it first.

Since I'm all about stimulating conversation, and this story has none, I figure I'd flip the script on you guys for The Question. Pay close attention and answer honestly.

Question: What's the most demeaning job you'd do if your family needed to be fed and sheltered? Could the family have done something to avoid their current fate? Does that wife look like Jill Biden or is it just me?

[1] In all fairness, another segment of the show featured minority families in an LA homeless shelter. It was responsible journalism, not this sorta sensational nonsense.

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