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Do All Pro Athletes Share The "Dumba$$" Gene?!?

I'm thinking about starting a separate blog for sports-related idiocy. I'd make a killing on ad revenue, because there'd be plenty of posts. In the past couple of weeks, we've had an NFL player accused of drunkenly killing a poor migrant worker by running him over with his Bentley. Another NFL player jailed for violating probation and a domestic violence case. And now, this latest case of Extreme N*ggadom from a guy who by all accounts should have known better.
Chris Bosh, the face of Toronto's struggling NBA franchise, is being cast in U.S. court documents as a deadbeat father who broke up with his girlfriend when she was seven months pregnant, leaving her destitute and without medical care even as she fell ill.

The court documents, filed in Maryland on behalf of Bosh's former live-in girlfriend, Allison Mathis, who is seeking child support and sole custody, allege that in early 2008 Mathis and Bosh planned to get married. According to the filings, whose allegations have been denied by Bosh, they made a consensual decision to have a child together and Bosh, who is earning a salary of $14.4 million (U.S.) this season, paid for a fertility drug to hasten the process. Not long after Mathis conceived – at last year's NBA all-star weekend in New Orleans, according to a sworn affidavit signed by Mathis – the couple moved into a jointly owned $1.6 million home in Frisco, Tex.

But upon Bosh's return from the Beijing Olympics in August of last year, the player signalled his intention to, according to the complaint, "move on" from the relationship. With Mathis seven months pregnant it is alleged Bosh stopped supporting her financially and attempted to have her removed from their home. Without money to pay for her obstetrician appointments, let alone a means of transportation to attend them, Mathis, according to the documents, suffered "breakthrough bleeding and a constantly upset stomach" while utility companies threatened to disconnect her electricity, gas and water.

Mathis, 28, met Bosh in 2005 and was a hard-to-miss courtside fixture for most of the previous couple of seasons. Once a personal chef to the Dallas Cowboys, according to the filings, she was for a while Bosh's near-constant companion. The complaint against Bosh speaks of Mathis's bleak existence since she left the couple's Texas home last summer. "(Mathis's) expenses are mounting both for her and (Trinity), but she has no way to satisfy these obligations," it states. "(Mathis) has asked (Bosh) to assist with these expenses, but he has failed and refused to do so ... (despite) his overwhelming ability to do so."

According to the filings, Mathis returned to the Maryland suburbs of Washington, where she had grown up, to live with her mother in a two-bedroom apartment; was admitted to hospital due to complications in the pregnancy; and delivered the baby by emergency C-section on Nov. 2. Four-month-old Trinity Meyers Mathis, according to the documents, has laid eyes on her father but twice, both times in his hotel room, once when the Raptors were in town to face the Wizards.
Bosh is the last NBA player you'd suspect of this sorta thing, which just goes to show how little we fans know about the players we cheer for. He comes from a family of two parents who are both engineers. A great student in high school, he had his choice of schools that he could have attended on an academic scholarship. He was a graphic design and computer imaging major during his brief one year stay at Georgia Tech. He hired his college-educated cousin to run his "foundation" and other various business endeavors.

He's always noted by beat writers as one of the most well-read, well-spoken players in the league, as well as one of the few guys well-adjusted enough to likely succeed in life had he not grown to nearly 7 feet. He's got an extremely popular channel of viral videos on YouTube, and is one of the few athletes who actually updates his own Twitter. From the way he's presented, he's the ideal NBA player, the sort of guy you'd like your own son to be should he be fortunate enough to make the league someday. He is quite simply one of the most well-rounded personalities in all of sports.[1]

However, this story just goes to show that book sense and common decency don't go hand in hand. Seriously, what guy goes through the trouble of getting a woman pregnant via fertility drugs, then abandons her and the baby, leaving them without shelter or medical care in the 3rd trimester? Worse, what sorta guy then doesn't bother going to see said child until after paternity has been proven, and even worse, once it fits his convenient travel schedule? That is just sad, sad, sad.

Seeing as how they needed fertility drugs to conceive, it's fair to say that this young lady had problems getting knocked up the natural way. Sure, it could also be due to a male factor, but either way they wanted to get pregnant. To contest the paternity of the child after such an ordeal is just really, really janky. Before anyone jumps on me and says "hey, what about her, why can't she get a job?", consider the scenario. She was in the 3rd trimester of what was likely a very delicate pregnancy. Mathis maybe shouldn't have put all her literal eggs in one basket and quit her Day Job, but who can blame her for having done so? If a guy buys you a huge ring, builds a house with your name on it, and asks you to go through lots of trouble to have his baby, that sure sounds like a commitment to me.

Unlike most stories of this ilk, I'm convinced that Mathis isn't anything even close to a gold digger. I am however quite convinced that Bosh is a total a-hole. Seriously, who only goes to the see the child he hoped and prayed for when he just happens to be playing a team in the baby's hometown? That is just awful.

Sure, we don't know the full story. These are just allegations. Mathis might be a real itch-bay. She might have actually gotten pregnant by Jermaine O'Neal, not Bosh. She might have extorted some money from him like Shaq's wife did. She might have given him an STD. But I seriously doubt it. One thing she did do was cost the Raptors a game when she infamously heckled Lebron James.

Go sit down!

That aside, much like a very similar recent paternity case involving the Orlando Magic's Dwight "Superman" Howard, I totally side with the ladies on this one. Pay up, fools!

If you don't wanna have babies, stop going raw (or going specimen), fellas.

Question: Will these ballers ever learn? What sorta man only bothers seeing his daughter when it's convenient to him? Is this just further evidence that all rich and horny people should have themselves fixed?

Raptor Bosh a deadbeat dad, lawsuit says [TheStar]

[1] Unlike, say, Gilbert Arenas, whose primadonna act is clearly a plea for attention.

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TD1016 said...

"If a guy buys you a huge ring, builds a house with your name on it, and asks you to go through lots of trouble to have his baby, that sounds like a commitment to me."

Coming from an entertainer or athlete, I'm still keeping a JOB and my own vehicle. You always save for a rainy day. Mama didn't raise no fool.

For me, I can't point a finger exactly yet, cuz A) 2 sides to every story and B) something just seems off. I'm an truly sorry for her complications but after she noticed he cut her off EVERYTHING. I'm not understanding why she did try to get some insurance of her own. There are plenty of programs that will help out expecting mom's to get cheap insurance or even doctors that will see pregnant women for free. Again, I am in no way taking sides but if I'm pregnant I'm doing anything and taking any measures to make sure me and my baby are ok. Put your pride aside. Whether that means taking a cab or public transportation. F- that Negro and his money.

Again, not blaming her at all and she probably did get caught up with some nonsense, but something seems off.

G.D. said...

It's a little weird that you're using his and his parents' education credentials as a supposed testament to his character.

TD1016 said...

Maybe I'm biased because of my Depart. of Human Services background and I know the programs that are available to pregnant women out there.

SingLikeSassy said...

Just a note: all infertility roads do not lead to in vitro fertlization (IVF). It said she took infertility drugs, which could just mean some clomid to stimulate her ovaries.

That said, I think this is a prime example of why folks should get married before they start procreating and purchasing property together. Or at least have your own shit (e.g. A plan B) cause as she unfortunately found out, the impossible can and does happen.

♫Hershey's Kiss♫ said...

To me any man that leaves a woman when she is carrying his seed is a wuss. yes I said it. He could've at least helped her out. There is no excuse for that. said...

@ GD

I only mention his parents, and his presumed intelligence because the lack of these are what people usually note are reasons why these guys aren't better adjusted socially.

Of course, having a decent upbringing and being book smart doesn't guarantee you won't leave your child's mother alone in the 3rd trimester.

@ TD1016

I think the girl actually moved back home with her mother and got medical attention that way. The stress of the situation is presumably what lead to the issues with the delivery, not a lack of insurance.

@ SingLike

True, they may have used some other form of fertility drug. But still, the fact that both of them were trying says he was committed. That's what makes this really sad.

@ Hershey

No doubt. This dude (assuming all this is true) is a real clown.

MissJay said...

Damn that's just effed up! But something does seem off like TD1016 said. If she used to be the personal chef to the Cowboys then she should have something put to the side for a rainy day. At least that's what I would do. But there's no denying that homey is a complete a$$hole if this is true.

SingLikeSassy said...

Off topic still but AB in vitro fertilization is a procedure not a drug. I know, I've done it twice and am gearing up for a third cycle as I type this note. There are several drugs (I think I took 9 different meds) -- and great big ass needles -- involved in the IVF process, but it in itself is not an infertility drug.

None of that dilutes your point that their decision to use infertility drugs shows they were committed to making a child together, I just feel the need to explain the difference.

texasladybird said...

TD1016 is right, homegirl should have had a "Plan B". Especially since she had no legal recourse when he kicked her to the curb.

If they had been married, an attorney would have been able to petition the court to allow her to stay in the home during her pregnancy. The court could've also mandated spousal support until the child was born (I couldn't imagine trying to find a job while 7 months pregnant).

(In TX) the paternity would have been a non-issue, since the child would have been born into the marriage. Bosh would have had to pay for paternity testing to DIS-prove he was the father of his child. On his own dime.

cinco said...

There are too many god damn people in this world already. Is there something wrong with protected sex? Birth control? The fact that these morons are athletes doesn't mean they have any sense regarding parenting. I don't think only the rich and horney people should be fixed, I think anyone that is childish, selfish, ignorant, and unprepared for raising children should choose wisely. The choices being abstinence, protection, birth control and/ or abortion. It is the responsibility of both parties to not have children unless ready for all it entails. It entails a whole lot.

Now these idiots that make all this money and are to cheap to hire a driver once intoxicated, no excuse. They just don't want to spend the money.

Ann said...

I don't follow him, so I have to base my judgments of just what I heard from here.
Since she went home to live with her Mom who was living in a two bedroom apt, is it sensible to assume that she was trying to help her people out, so she wasn't as financially stable a she should have been???
I just watched the interview he didn't seem "off" and seemed pretty level headed, maybe he just got scared in the worst way, and became fearful after hearing the firsthand accounts of all those other basketball players' relationship nightmares. I think he just freaked by being responsible for his child and punked out.

dinoblogger said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
dinoblogger said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TD1016 said...

@ AB,

I was commenting more on the fact that she could get to medical appointments because of no transportaion and had no money to pay an OB/GYN. I have clients that walk miles to their appointments. In this day and age with all the free programs out there, its just hard for me to understand why she just didn't seek those out instead of missing appointments. said...

@ TD

I'm willing to bet the whole "couldn't get to appointments" thing was a bit of hyperbole. Overall, her arguements seem pretty reasonable and easy to believe though. Nothing she is saying is really salicious or "extra". That's why I'm inclined to think she's telling the truth.

the uppity negro said...

Immaturity at it's best...

Maybe he got advice from other pro leaguers and that's what they told him to do when he was going through the normal stresses of parenthood.

Anonymous said...

Pregnancy is preventable. Do not impregnate or get pregnant outside of marriage if you aren't prepared to deal with the consequences.

adinasi said...

These are less than 30 year-old males, and ALL GUYS ARE STUPID until 30. Money, fame, and adulation cannot, have not accelerated human development. Think of all the dumb things us 'regular' guys did in our 20's; if we had outlier physical ability and were paid beyond our imagination for it, we'd do the same dumb things, too. As I tell my female students, don't get serious about any of these guys no matter how cute we are, because we're STUPID. Our brains don't catch up to our biceps and reproductive organs until around 30, so DON'T TAKE US SERIOUSLY until around then.

Vinindy said...

Black women are conditioned in this society to settle for being a baby mama. Someone should have told her to get married before having fertility treatments.

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