Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ashy Or Classy?!? : TI's AKOO Clothing Line.

After a year of probation, you're about to head to jail for a year after getting busted with a basement full of guns. You just beat your baby mama's request for increased child support. Your albums are selling out the stores. You can command $100k for each "going away" concert. Life is good. So how do you celebrate? Why, with (yet another!) a tacky vanity clothing line, of course.

How strange is it that TI's sentence was pushed back because of "prior committments"? He will now go to jail sometime after May 19th, or whatever date's most convenient to his travel and touring schedule. Apparently the judge was one of the few folks who actually liked Paper Trail and wants to give the (c)Rapper more time to work on his next project, which prolly will include "You Can Get Whatever You Like (As Long As You've Got Good Jewish Lawyers)" as the lead single. TI will eventually serve 366 days, or something like that. Again, if you've got enough money, black, white, or purple, you can lawyer-up and beat them charges like Rocky, even if it's your 87th run in with the law, and you were busted with a stockpile of military grade weapons. What. A. Country.

One day, TI will indeed head to the clink, but if you wanna keep the dream alive while counting down the days till his next album, you're in luck. AKOO stands for A King Of Onself. If you can explain to me why A King Of Oneself feels the need to snitch in order to get himself a sweetheart plea bargain, please elaborate you-know-where.

Anyways, here's the goods.

Yes, this stuff is predictably overpriced and will inevitably end up in the clearance bin at Marshall's, but compared to some of the other hideous clothing lines we've featured in Ashy Or Classy?, this one ain't bad. Some of it's a bit too tight and tailored for my middle-aged tastes, but then again, TIP don't weigh but a buck fifteen, so I guess they had no choice.

Price, and disdain for its namesake aside, I say AKOO is Classy. What say ye'?

Question: Ashy or Classy?!? Would you rock AKOO by TI?

T.I. Sentenced To One Year and a Day In Prison, Could Serve Less [RollingStone]

AKOO Clothing by TI [Official Website]

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