Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The New & Improved Lil' Kim?!?

So, the Queen Bee is back.

If you didn't know any better, you'd swear this was some Asian chick from Van Nuys, not a woman who once rapped about "making a Sprite can disappear in my mouth"?

I'll admit, part of me is happy that she appears to have fully rebounded from that year in the clink. The other part is sad that the woman who once made "Queen B*tch" has caught more knives than a Jack-O-Lantern. She's hardly recognizable.

Seriously, how does one lighten his/her entire body 3 skin shades over the course of a decade? Is Lil' Kim buying her products from the same Ambi supplier as Michael Jackson or somethin'?

"Licky! Licky! Wha! Wha! Eeehhhh."

Either way, she's on this season's edition of Dancing With The Stars. And apparently she can actually dance. I guess.

Hooray for her. I'll be sure not to tune in, as usual.

Question: Did ya'll like the old, ghetto Lil' Kim, or the new and improved Kimberly Jones more?!?

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