Friday, March 20, 2009

Ashy Or Classy?!? - Akon's Konvict Clothing.

Yep, another week, another lousy cRapper with a lame clothing line. It was fun at first, but this is getting sorta old now.

Anyways, autotune abuser and Smoking Gun clownee Akon has a clothing line called Konvict Clothing. I suppose the name makes since. It's a nice synergistic tie-in with his stage name and vanity record label. But seriously, I doubt the kids are gonna get excited about this mess.
I suppose none of these clothes are exactly hideous, but that doesn't make em' good looking either. Inoffensively tacky is prolly the best thing I can say.

One thing they darn sure ain't is cheap. The track jackets and jeans go for $100 each. The tees $40. That snazzy streetwalker number for the ladies? $150!

Perhaps most disturbing is that embroidered handcuff motif on the back jeans pocket. Who the hell wants to walk in public with a pair of handcuffs on his a$$? Why you'd pay good money for this is beyond me. I clowned Beanie Sigel's State Property line for having jeans with secret compartments for your "work" and your "piece", but at least that had a fairly utilitarian purpose. This is just plain Negro Nonsense. I say Ashy!

Stick to producing Mr. Thiam.

Question: Ashy or Classy?!? Would you rock Konvict Clothing?

Konvict Clothing [Official Website]

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