Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Angela McGowan Needs Her Butt Kicked.

I don't know where Fox News got this Coonservative, bootleg Vivica A. Fox, but they need to send her and that tacky Yaki back where she came from.

Seriously, when I agree with Bill O'Reilly over a black woman, you know something's wrong. Why the heck does she go off on some "it's not okay for black folks to say cr*cker" tangent, when the discussion had nothing to do with that?

[Editor's Note: I only notice this because my wife (who wears her own hair) points it out everytime, but how come all these cable news chicks can't get a decent weave to save their lives? McGlowan. Kelli Goff. Michelle Bernard. All these women are paid to be on TeeVee. Fix your damn heads already! When I watch these women in 50 inch HD, I can see glue, tracks, the whole nine. If you can't get a weave done any better, then please get you a snatchback like my girl Donna Brazile and call it a day. You won't look any worse than you do with all that random horse hair, sistas. Enough already!]

And for the umpteenth time, can we kill the whole "black folks have bigger trout to fry than something trivial like this when Negroes are killing Negroes like it's GTA3" rhetoric? What the hell does the (very debatable) 70% out-of-wedlock birth stat have to do with some washed up comedian? Yes, black folks have problems. Yes, some stuff is trivial. But who's to say black people can't multitask and deal with complex and not-so-complex issues at the same time?

I never hear white folks derided for obsessing about comparatively menial stuff like Britney Spears and OctoMom. They too have problems, ya' know. And black folks (like whites) are actively working on solving those problems each and every day. Just cause Angela's not doing anything to improve her community doesn't mean nobody is.


BTW, I don't personally think Jackie Mason's "slur" was all that bad. And even if it was, the guy's a lousy Vegas lounge comedian for Crissake. Why should we care what he says anymore than white America cares about some Comic View-grade jokester like Jemario Jemario[2]?

Mason hasn't been relevant since I was still sh*tting in my Huggies. Who the h@ll cares?

Question: Is Angela McGlowan a debit to her race or does she have a point about double standards in comedy? Are Negroes too Tresvanty or is Jackie Mason well within his rights to tell his corny Obama jokes? Why do black cable news chicks stay losin' with their hairdon'ts?

[1] Yep, I said it.

[2] Somebody please tell me ya'll remember this dude. He was hilarious. Cyber CapriSuns to the first person who can tell me his signature saying.

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