Wednesday, April 1, 2009 Guest Post - You’re Too Good For This.

[Editor's Note: I'm taking a pause for the cause today. In the interim, get to know my girl Ebonie. You'll be seeing a lot more of her around here soon.]

For various reasons, such as the sheer need for money/work, or because they’ve fallen off and need some quick exposure, many artists end up taking gigs that fall way below their skill level.

A few examples:

1. Angela Bassett’s role in Meet The Browns. She’s too good for this, I thought as she feigned interest in Rick Fox, who delivered all his lines with as much believability as he could muster up. (Who keeps hiring him for acting roles?) After sitting through an hour and 40 minutes of this horribly written movie, I felt for Angela. And vowed a personal boycott of any future Tyler Perry films.

2. Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie for recording songs with Akon. The songs aren’t that bad, but still. I know it’s been awhile since he had a big hit, but Lionel can still do better. And Akon has no business anywhere near a recording studio with Michael Jackson.

[Editor's Note: Considering the fact that my late Dad looked a bit like Lionel, I concur. This sh*t HURTS me to the core of my existence.]

3. Stevie Wonder’s performance with the Jonas Brothers on the ‘09 Grammys. Stevie gets plenty of work, so I don’t know how this one happened. His people must not like him to let the idea of this pairing slide. Did he know who he was on stage with? And one of the brothers forgot the words to Stevie’s song in mid-verse. So sad.

4. Raheem Devaughn for putting R Kelly on his “Customer” remix, and making the song “Text Messages.” I hope these were just lapses, and not signs of where he’s going in the future.

5. James Earl Jones and Margaret Avery for their roles in the movie Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins. I didn’t catch this one, but just from the trailer, I knew these two didn’t belong here.

6. Alfre Woodard’s appearance in Beauty Shop. I’m sure she’s still trying to put the memory of making that movie behind her. It took me a minute to get past Sherri Sheperd’s hair color to find Alfre in this picture.

7. [Editor's Note: I got one of my own.]


Question: Who else do you think should have made the list?

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