Thursday, March 19, 2009 Guest Post - Advice For AIG... Protect Ya Neck!!!

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“From my standpoint, it’s irresponsible for corporations to give bonuses, at this time, when they are so sucking the tit of the taxpayer” - Republican Senator Chuck Grassley.

If you are working for AIG right now you should be concerned. You woke up Monday morning and by the end of the day you were Public Enemy Number 1. It was the equivalent of waking up Black in America. I guess you probably didn’t want to hear that because now you feel worse. Oh well, as my Broker said the other day…..$#*t Happens.

I don’t blame the little guys on the totem pole. I know that they weren’t involved in this financial fiasco. I blame the head honchos in charge. Those scum sucking leeches that are lower than elephant dung. But I digress…because this is not about them. This emergency message will hopefully help the middle managers and the worker bees. You need to go get a gun ASAP. Yeah I said it. A Gun!!! Also known as a Heater, Burner, Gat, Roscoe etc etc.

On Monday, Republican Senator Chuck Grassley said that the AIG executives “should adopt the Japanese approach to taking responsibility for their actions and resign or GO COMMIT SUICIDE.” Uh Oh!!! When Right Wingers start calling for blood, you know something is about to go down. It doesn’t take much for the Right Wing to get riled up. Usually you throw in some (random black man taking your job, dating your daughter, moving into your neighborhood or becoming president) and they go wild. But this economic crisis has got everyone on edge. These are the kind of comments that cause people to do crazy things.

Remember the church shooting at the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church? Guy comes in and shoots up a “left” leaning church. Come on AIG employees think about it. If you need more convincing, Senator Grassley received praise for his statements on his FaceBook page. Can you believe this old cat has a FaceBook page? I don’t even have a FaceBook page.

[Editor's Note: My mom has a FaceBook page.]

But I digress….please listen to me AIG employees and go protect yourself. People are looking for someone to blame and you’re the pick of the week. Your best bet is to hope that some dirt comes out on Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner (believe me it will). But until that happens get a gun!!!

Question: Do AIG employees need to strap up? How long before Tiny Tim Geithner gets his pink slip?!?

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