Thursday, March 12, 2009

AB Is On Twitter. Reply, Already!!!

I've been Twittering for about a month or so now. I seem to get a handful of new followers each day, and I'm pretty consistent about Tweeting several times a day. Oddly, for a guy with so many folks reading me, I seldom if ever get any replies (except for my girl Irna. Thanks!). It's kinda like standing on a soapbox in a crowded townsquare, yelling into a megaphone, and having folks walk by ignoring you. Sorta like the first 2 months of this blog.

Anyways, if you're following me, holla! I typically Tweet about stuff that's on my mind, yet too brief for an actual post. I ask quick questions (like the 2 just hanging out there right now) that need quick answers. I also drop previews of future posts on It's pretty sweet stuff, even if nobody's watching.

For the love of Jesus, head over to TheAverageTwitter and talk back to me.

[BTW, I finally came into the 21st Century and got on Facebook as well. Look for me and you'll find me.]

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