Tuesday, February 3, 2009

When The Checks Stop Coming In... Part II.

I'd usually save this sorta Negro Nonsense for the weekends, but who knows where this ignant Rick Ross/50 Cent feud is going next? For those who don't know the backstory (or care), Fiddy and Officer Rawse have some publicity stunt to keep two irrelevant cRappers in the news nonsensical "beef" going on right now, which has consisted of lots of diss tracks and extra greasy radio interviews (like the one with Angela Yee) over the past week.

Anyways, Curtis takes the whole "beef" thing to a new low, by finding some Shawn Kemp looking chick one of Rick Rawse's many baby mamas to throw in front of the camera and put the fat man on blast.

This might be somewhat interesting if it wasn't so damn pathetic. 50's constant ploys (baiting Lil Wayne and DJ Khaled, the Young Buck crying game tape) to get attention are just sad. Even worse is the fact that Rawse (who was revealed to be a prison guard recently) doesn't have much of a career himself anymore (evar?). It's like Dennis Hopson and Stacey King arguing about who's the best.[1] Who the f*ck cares? You're both losers!!!

For further prove the depths that his career has sunk to, and the pitiful state of hip-hop, I suppose we should thank 50. Vivica's career arc looks promising compared to this guy. Is it any wonder that both of their fortunes turned for the worse when they hooked up?

Question: Aren't Baby Mamas and kids off limits in rap beef? Can Officer Rawse use this video as evidence to gain custody of his child?

[1] Obscure sports reference. Somebody explain this one for the uninitiated.

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