Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What Wouldn't You Do? : Never Say Nevar?!?

I was chatting offline with a buddy the other day about that whole "Barack The Magic Negro" thing, and the subject of what it would take to have him join the GGG-G.O.P. Unnitttt came up. He said he would never under any circumstances join.

"Never?" I asked.

"Never. I'd join the Klan before I became a Republican." he replied.

I think his response was a bit extreme, but I do concur, there are some things I would just never, under any circumstances do. Some are obvious.
Never deny God's existence. No pithy remarks necessary.

Never have an affair. AverageSis can rest assured, ain't sh*t else poppin'.

Never leave my kids. They need me.

Never cheer for Duke. Sorry AverageSisInLaw.

Never waste my God-given talents.

Never call a black woman a b*tch. But I'd ask for a special exemption for Karrine Steffans.

Never give up on the amazing potential of Black America as a whole.

Never quit coaching basketball, despite how tough this season's been.

Never do no fruity sh*t. [||]

Never wear skinny jeans.

Never go broke and have my family in the street. I'd take penetentiary chances and sell crack before I let that happen. Seriously.
I could probably get a bit more specific and frivolous, but I suppose I should ask you guys what you would never do.

Question: Other than the obvious, is there anything you would never do? Be as left-field or gully as you'd like.

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