Thursday, February 12, 2009

What Would You Do? : ABC News Steals My Idea.

Let's face it, few things on the internet are truly "original". By doing a simple cut and paste, you can more or less steal any content you'd like. I've had some of my signature phrases, original features, homemade images, overall concepts, and at one point, entire posts jacked word for word. Usually, I just charge this to the game. It is what it is, you can't stop folks from stealing your ideas. Considering the fact that I stole my Black, White, Or Other? feature from a popular satellite radio show, I shouldn't be too pissed off.

But then there's this bullshiggedy.[1]

If ABC and the cooly named John Quinones wanted to jack my What Would You Do? concept the least they coulda done is made it interesting. I suppose Chris Hansen busting perps got so popular, ABC needed to step up their peepin' camera game. Now, WWYD takes the dogeared "hidden camera" show angle to all new lows. Whether it's the handicapped shopper, the open house thieves, or the wedding crashers, this show is so bad, it makes Wife Swap look worthy of an Emmy.

What Would I Do? I'd cancel this sack of crap before May sweeps week rolls around.

Question: Did ABC steal my idea or am I merely deluding myself? Can I press charges? What would you do?

ABC News What Would You Do Website []

[1] Yeah, I stole that too.

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