Thursday, February 26, 2009

Separated At Birth? - Jindal And Parcell.

Watching Bobby Jindal's coming out party the other night was as painful as a quintuple root canal. Dude was wooden, boring, and borderline creepy. The speech had all the charisma of a corporate HR instructional video. Hardly the breakout performance the GOP was hoping for. Get Palin on line one. She's needed again!

I'd heard him speak several times before, but until he delivered the Republican Response, it didn't occur to me that he sounds and acts just like whimsical page, Kenneth Parcell from NBC's 30 Rock. Seriously, check this out.[1]



Seriously, play both videos at the same time, close your eyes, and tell me you can tell one from the other.

[1] BTW, I know Gawker and Co. are all over this one, but AB doesn't swagger jack. In fact, it was AverageSis who pointed it out first.

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