Thursday, February 19, 2009

Put Somethin' On My Commissary, Mane.

Okay, pardon the penitentiary lingo, let's just call it the Tip Jar. Either way, I just wanted to stop and thank the folks who make the sacrifice to financially support my Jamba Juice/iTunes/used Big 10 football jerseys on eBay habit this site.

For those unaware, this blog makes a lil' somethin' off ad revenue, and I sell a few t-shirts a month as well. But with two young mouths to feed and a perpetually dwindling personal allowance (it's now called Enfamil ProSobee Lipil), anything extra ya'll can spare to give Yaw's Boy some walking around money is savored. For those who go above and beyond and actually hit a brotha off with financial stimuli, this post is for you. I won't call you out by name, but you know who you are, and you are appreciated.

For errybody else thinking about supporting this site financially, I'mma tell you like the UNCF told me. Don't almost give: Give.
Put a lil' somethin' in the AB Tip Jar. It's over on the lefthand side.

Buy a t-shirt, mug, notebook, or other assorted swag from The Store.

Buy some CD's, books, and DVD's from the carousel.

Patronize the banner ads that blanket this site. Get your interracial date-on, since those seem to be the only ads running here of late. Thanks, Gracie B!

Tell a friend to tell a friend. The more readers (and commenters) the merrier.
Freedom ain't free, and neither is the annual GoDaddy domain registration.

Okay, I admit, that was a low blow. Either way, you get the point. If you enjoy the product, spread the love and support your peoples.


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