Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Proof That Americans Aren't That Dumb After All.

If you listen to talk radio, read Conservative blogs, or God forbid, watch Fox News, you'd swear that after just one month on the job, Obama is the anti-Christ and is leading this country down a path to sure destruction.

There was this Rick Santelli a-hole, who clearly didn't pay any attention to the fact that the Obama plan isn't rewarding bad decisions, it's protecting responsible Americans who are most vulnerable right now due to the recession.

Michelle Malkin spreads the wealth animus.

Hater extraordinaire, Sean Hannity. I bet this guy "pleasures himself" to an autographed copy of Dreams of My Father.

And to cap it all off, former Obama ethereee Undercover Brother Antoine Jackson Alan Keyes, who prolly believes in flying saucers and tooth fairies. WTF?!?

I sure hope these folks aren't allowed to run with scissors.

Thankfully, most Americans are smart enough to wade through this crap and trust the new President. A new CBS News/NY Times survey seems to indicate that The Black Prez is doing a fine job in the eyes of most blue blooded true Americans.
One month into his term, President Obama’s overall approval rating remains favorable, with 63 percent of Americans approving of the job he is doing as president. The figure is similar to the approval rating he received earlier this month.

Seventy-six percent of Americans are confident in Mr. Obama’s ability to make the right decisions about the economy, including nearly a third who are very confident.

More than half of Americans also approve of President Obama’s handling of foreign policy (57 percent) and Iraq (54 percent).

And 77 percent are optimistic about the next four years with Mr. Obama as president, including 57 percent of Republicans.

While the percentage of Americans who believe the president is trying for bipartisanship has slipped seven points from earlier this month, 74 percent still think he is trying to be bipartisan.

By contrast, just 45 percent say Congressional Democrats are trying to be bipartisan and 31 percent say Congressional Republicans are trying to do so.

Most of those surveyed say Republican opposition to the stimulus bill - it passed with the support of no House Republicans and just three Senate Democrats - results from politics. Sixty-three percent say GOP opposition was for political reasons, while 29 percent say it was because the stimulus bill would be bad for the economy.

Americans say Mr. Obama should focus more on his positions than reaching across the aisle. Fifty-six percent say he should prioritize sticking to his policies, while just 39 percent say he should put bipartisanship first. Seventy-nine percent, however, say Congressional Republicans should prioritize bipartisanship.

Despite the withdrawal of three of President Obama’s cabinet appointments, 76 percent of Americans are confident that the president has made the right decisions regarding his cabinet appointments.
Interesting numbers indeed. And before anyone starts screaming liberal bias, fall back. The latest Fox News Opinion Poll numbers are virtually the same. Spin that!

So, despite all the charges of "European-style socialism" and "massive pork barrel spending that's putting our children's children in debt", most folks are wise enough to see the truth. Obama is doing what he needs to do, and the GOP is simply disagreeing for the sake of disagreement. This is a purely selfish political jack move designed to help them regain power should Obama's stimulus plan fail, as they so fervently wish and pray for on their ashy knees each night before they go to bed and have wet dreams of Inauguration Day 2013.

Watching a cavalcade of GOP Governors grandstanding on Sunday morning talk shows about not taking Federal stimulus funds when their states are facing massive budget shortfalls had to be the most disgusting circle-jerk I've seen since the last BET Hip Hop Awards. Seriously, don't these ingrates realize we see a political ploy for what it is? Louisiana Governor Kenneth Parcell Bobby Jindal won't accept Obama's handouts, but even if he doesn't, his state's legislature has the final say!!!

[Editor's Note: Is it just me, or was Jindal's Republican response last night the most awkward 10 minutes of TV evar? Talk about stiff. Zzzzzzzzzzzz.... That guy makes Al Gore look like Lebron James. If this is the GOP's young, energetic, charismatic answer to Obama, then give me more Sarah Palin please.]

Jindal can say he "stood up to Washington" when he's on the stump in 2012, but reality is his resistance is merely a pointless token gesture. If the stimulus fails to work (which I hope it doesn't), he looks like a hero with a one way ticket to 1600 Penn Ave. If it does work, it won't matter cause Obama will have the re-election sewn up anyway, and Jindal won't even bother running. Classic GOP Grand Hu$tle.

[Another Editor's Note: SC Congressman James Clyburn was wrong for suggesting that Governor Mark Sanford's opposition to stimulus money in a state with so many blacks is somehow racist. That's just not true. It's a selfish political maneuver of disgusting magnitude sure, but it ain't racist! Plenty of poor whites in SC would theoretically suffer too. Shame on you James! Shame!]

I'll admit, despite my (continuing) qualms about some of his Cabinet choices, one month in I think Obama's done a fine job. He delivered a tax cut (albeit a small one) to 95% of all Americans as promised. He's repealing the Bush tax cuts on the super-wealthy and large corporations that in many cases don't pay a single dollar of corporate income tax. He's trying his best to be bi-partisan, even if the effort is not reciprocated. He's being transparent and forthcoming, not giving us what we need to hear to feel better. He's closing Gitmo. The stimulus package, while hardly perfect, is signed and in action. He's talking to the American people in primetime, and every week via Youtube and the traditional radio address. The plan to ease foreclosures isn't perfect, but it's solid on paper. He'll get around to Iraq sooner or later, mainly because he needs to cuts costs (by bringing troops home) there to balance the budget. Love him or hate him, the guy's doing what he promised so far. The American public seems able to discern this much. Good for us all.

To those who continue to hate, as opposed to getting behind the man a majority of Americans legitimately elected to solve our nations problems, I have but one thing to say.[1]

Question: What do you think of Obama's first month in office? Do you think the GOP is putting up such opposition because they have legitimate concerns about the direction our country is heading, because they want to win office in 2012, or just because they're some salty, hatin' assed bamas? Do you think Barry is getting extra hate because he's Black, or simply because he's a Democrat in power? Does Jindal remind you of Kenneth from 30 Rock or is it just me?

Poll: Public Wary Of More Bailouts [CBS News]

[1] I'm by no means saying all his detractors are white. But dude didn't give me an all-inclusive soundbyte. Sorry.

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