Monday, February 23, 2009

Grand Hu$tle Week Is Coming March 2nd!

Continuing the new trend of "Theme Weeks" that we started with AverageNation Week™, I'm proud to present's first foray into semi-serious investigative reporting, the aptly named Grand Hu$tle Week. Look, I even created a kewl logo to commemorate the occasion, so you know it's gonna be somethin'.

For those of you slow on the lingo, or who haven't read this site's FAQ, a Grand Hu$tle is basically when someone tries to run game on you by either selling or telling you some ole' BS. Some would refer to this as a scam, some might call it a C-O-N-spiracy. Either way, it's's mission to put you on the game so you don't get vicked.[1]

Ya'll know the products. You've seen the infomercials. And chances are, you've prolly thrown away hard earned money on some useless crap like The ShamWow!, The Snuggie, or the Grill Daddy. In the interest of keeping your money in your pockets where it belongs in this worsening economy, is going to extra mile to get the real skinny on whether these products actually do what they say or if they're pure garbage like I suspect.

I've already done extensive research on the following products.
The Snuggie
Loud -N- Clear
Debbie Meyer Green Bags
Cash 4 Gold
Patch Perfect Grass Seed
The Slap Chop
Extenze (yeah, really)
I'm taking requests if you'd like me to checkout something else while I'm at it. Just hit me up. Either way, brace yourselves for a level of investigative blogging never before seen on these innanets.

Let me show you how not to get got!

Grand Hu$tle Week begins March 2nd.

Question: Got any "as seen on TeeVee" products you want me to check out? Have you bought any of the aforementioned products? If so, would you be willing to provide some feedback for my series? Are you wondering how in the ham sammich I have time to do all this with a real Day Job, wife, and two kids?

[1] And no, this has absolutely nothing to do with TI's similarly named vanity record label.

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