Thursday, February 5, 2009

Drivin' Miss Katie.

I know, ya'll prolly already saw this groundbreaking pre-Grammy interview, but for the 8 of you who haven't, enjoy. I'll admit, I haven't seen 10 minutes this intermittently entertaining and disturbing in some time.

The unintentional absurdity and ironic lack of self-awareness here approaches that one time Dave Chappelle was on Inside The Actor's Studio. This is cultural anthropology at its best.

Please watch the whole thing before commenting.

Peep all the quotables.
"I have a fancy ball Miss Katie... it's designed for your hands and your hands only."

"It's because I really am IT."

"I will stand up for marijuana anyday... medicinal... I have migraines that make me wanna kill myself."

"I’m a rapper. That’s who I am, Miss Katie, and I am a gangster. I do what I want, and I love to smoke."

"I'm a gangsta Miss Katie... gangstas don't ask questions."

"It's fun to do hoodrat things."

Question: What flavor of drank/barre/lean/syrup is Weezy on during this interview? Is it just me, or does Katie Couric look like she wants some Thuggin' Love? When did Lil' Wayne start looking like Cedric Daniels from The Wire?

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