Sunday, February 1, 2009

Congrats To Coach Omar Epps Mike Tomlin.

It looked hella shaky for a moment there in the 4th quarter. When Larry Fitzgerald peeled off that amazing TD, I swore Tomlin's N.L. had kicked in.

But thanks to some lousy Cards defense (is there any other type?) and some Santonio Holmes heroics, Coach Tomlin becomes the youngest dude (and 2nd AverageBro) to coach a Superbowl champion.

Perhaps the thing I appreciate most about this development is that it isn't really even a development. Unlike the Dungy/Lovie Bowl a few years back (which the media played up as some light/darkskinted duel), Tomlin's race was barely mentioned at all. The fascination was mostly on his age, and career trajectory. Race didn't matter (that much). Now, everyone wants "The Next Mike Tomlin". That, my friends, is the definition of progress.

Congrats, Coach!

Fritz Pollard is smiling inside.

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