Friday, February 20, 2009

Chris, You Might Wanna Practice Soap-Holding...

I'm sure you folks have already seen the photo circulating around the innanets today that is supposedly Rihanna just moments after she suffered an alleged assault at the hands of Chris Brown. If you haven't, you can just go somewhere and Google it. I made the decision to not post it here for lots of reasons I choose not to divulge. If you need to excuse yourself and go find that, knock yourself out and come back.

The photo is a bit fuzzy, it appears to have been taken with a bad camera phone, rather than something that's official police evidence. The LAPD says it wasn't theirs, which could either be true, or a complete lie to save themselves from liability. Either way, the picture doesn't appear to be doctored, and unless Suge Knight delivered this beatdown to redeem himself, it's fair to say young Chris is in some deep trouble.

A week or so ago when this story broke, I said Brown's career should be curtains if this turned out to be true. We've still yet to see an official police report, but Brown's own semi-admission of guilt seems to have removed all doubt re: the final result. Whether, or to what degree, he was provoked to action will likely have some bearing on just how hard the system comes down on him, but something tells me dude might wanna use his final days of freedom to refine the art of soap-holding. Cause you know some dudes in the clink are just waiting for their shot at him.

Gimme That'!

Whether or not this becomes a landmark moment in the fight against domestic violence and an indictment of sexism in hip hop remains to be seen. One odd thing I've heard (not that I'd know, don't listen to terrestrial radio) is that lots of radio stations have pulled CB's music from their playlists. While I certainly think that would be a wise idea once he's convicted, doing so before he's had his day in court is sorta stoopid. I mean, c'mon, how long a grace period did R. Kelly get while he awaited his day in court for his heinous crime? I'm sure TI is getting spins of that godawful Justin Timberlake song somewhere right now as you read this, and his a$$ is getting ready to go to jail for a crime he committed over a year ago. I'm just sayin'.

Many noted that unless male recording artists came out in defense of Rihanna, the culture of violence and misogyny against black women in hip hop would continue unchecked. I disagreed, stating that black women themselves could make the biggest impact with their disgust. So far, we heard some mumbo jumbo from Jay-Z, but otherwise it's been one great big "bash the alleged victim"-fest, with morons like Jadakiss, Terrence Howard, TI, and David Banner all making statements that could be classified as mildly-insulting to say the least. Female artists? Not a friggin' peep? You'd think someone like Beyonce would make some kinda statement, for the good PR if nothing else, but nary a peep. I suppose it's possible I just missed this, so correct me if I'm wrong. But the strong statement that could have been made by the persons closest to the action are practically non-existent. I guess this sorta proves my initial point.

Anyways, if you couldn't already tell, this was my Chrihanna catchup post, I suppose I owed you guys some opinion on the latest transpirings. What's yours?

Question: Did you see the photo in question? What did you think? Should the stations have pulled Brown's song given the precedence set when dealing with R. Kelly? Do you think Chris Brown will have a career should he be found guilty in a court of law?

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