Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Basketball Diaries : Chapter Six.

[Editor's Note: You wanted shorter posts, I'll give you shorter posts! This blog has an ulterior motive and that motive is The AverageBro Challenge™. Watch me walk the talk firsthand as I coach a team of 6th graders this Winter in our newest series, The Basketball Diaries. If you need a refresher, backtrack and read prior chapters.]

Sunday (Postgame)

Well, another week, another loss. But the progress we've been demanding finally showed today. The guys ran the offense just as planned. They didn't give up any fastbreak baskets. They stayed in their 2-3 zone. They rebounded well.

Our problem today was shooting. The kids took good shots out of the offense, they just couldn't hit them. After trailing 12-0 at the half, we finally got some shots to fall, but not enough to dig ourselves out of the hole. We just came up short, 17-10, in a game far closer than the score would indicate.

Still, I walked away feeling good. The kids played the way we asked them to. They listened. We didn't get the win, but you get the sense that it's right around the corner.

Juney continues to be a problem, but thanks to AverageOlderBrother (who helps out with practice), he's a problem I don't personally have to deal with. At Friday's practice, Juney tried to hijack a drill, and my brother personally pulled him to the side and gave him the 9th degree. He was silent the rest of the night. At today's game, he started disrupting us again, sending the kids (especially his son Paul) directions from the stands that contradicted what we as coaches were telling them in the huddle. And wouldn't you know it, on a day when we couldn't throw it in the ocean, Paul prolly shot 0 for 15. Late in the 4th, when the game was tight, Juney tried to give Paul another instruction, and without even turning around, I calmly said "One Coach". He shut up.

I'm hoping this issue doesn't persist, but knowing Juney, it will. Thank God for big brothers, because if I had to address the issue, it might get real ugly. As is, Juney needs to work with his own kid on shooting, and drink a nice tall can of you-know-what. If your own kid ain't ballin', you have no right criticizing his teammates.

Thankfully, we can't lose next week because we're not playing. It's our only bye week, and it comes at the best of times. I'm personally getting burned out with giving up Fridays and Sundays, and two of the kids were out sick today. So, a break's a good thing. We'll be back at it, looking for that first win in two weeks.

Season Record: 0 Wins - 5 Losses.

Next Game: Vs Team Hunter in 2 Weeks.

Question: Will the Panthers win a game this season? Should I beat the tracks off Juney or just keep ignoring him?

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