Friday, February 13, 2009

AverageNation™ Week Is A Wrap!

When the idea of turning my asylum blog over to the inmates fine folks of AverageNation™ came to me, I was admittedly concerned about how this would be received. It's difficult to tell, but I'm happy to say the First Annual AverageNation™ Week went over successfully.

I'd like to thank everyone who participated: Gracie B, Spool32, EbonyGentleman, Vanilla Latte, and HotAirBallogger all took the reigns to tell a personal story of their own. Ya'll supported them with great comments. It's all love.

Since the poll results indicated that ya'll overwhelmingly liked this concept, we'll prolly do it again soon. I've already had a handful of folks call "next", but if you wanna join the crew, shoot me an email and I'll throw you on the GuestList for next go round.

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