Monday, January 19, 2009

Why Did I Get Married?!? : The Sequel.

Another week, another baller caught with his pants down and about to get fleeced in divorce court.
Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade's divorce from wife Siohvaughn, his high school sweetheart. In legal papers, she alleges he abandoned his children, committed adultery, and infected her with an unspecified sexually transmitted disease. She wants the names of ''all of his sexual partners'' during their six-year marriage.

Dwyane petitioned for the divorce last May in Cook County, Ill. They wed in Chicago on May 18, 2002.

Dwyane turns 27 on Saturday. He and Siohvaughn, 27, have two boys, Zaire, a first-grader who will be 7 next month, and Zion, 1. Siohvaughn moved back to Chicago with the kids last year.

Dwyane's Heat salary is $14,410,581, according to published reports. He hauls in millions more from major endorsements such as Gatorade and Converse. He has a dozen vehicles, including four Cadillacs, four Mercedes-Benzes and a Maybach, court papers say.

The All-Star has been romantically linked to actress Gabrielle Union, 36, once married to former Jacksonville Jaguar Chris Howard.

From Siohvaughn's pleading: ``Dwyane has dissipated substantial sums of marital property including . . . buying his mother a $2 million church; placing substantial sums of money in an account with another woman; providing numerous friends and family members with unfettered access to accounts with hundreds of thousands of dollars of marital funds from which they made substantial withdrawals . . .''

Meanwhile, she says, he cut her off financially.

Dwyane, named a ''Father of the Year'' in 2007 by the National Father's Day Committee, has gone ''months'' without seeing his boys, Siohvaughn says. His ''failure to spend time with them . . . has resulted in the children at times being afraid of him; in fact, Zion . . . does not recognize or know Dwyane.'' She wants sole custody, and support.

She also says she has suffered ''grievous physical, emotional and mental injury'' from the STD, diagnosed in the fall of '07. (The infection is not HIV or a ''killer thing,'' sources say.) Dwyane and his ''paramour or paramours'' are liable, she alleges.
Lets be clear about one thing: I'm not hatin' on D-Wade. It is completely socially acceptable for a man to be a whore, and at some point in our lives we've all either been one or aspired to be one. So, kudos to you Dwyane! Wrap it up and sow them seeds!

The problem here is obvious: Why did this dumb ass get married in the first place?

I cram to understand why guys like this with money, fame, and abundant athletic gifts fool themselves into thinking they need to get married. Apparently Siohvaughn (what a name!) and D-Wade were high school sweethearts and after she got pregnant, he married her just before entering the NBA draft. I only remember this because his wife and child were constantly propped up on draft day as evidence that this guy was humble and grounded, as if to draw a contrast to the typical whorish (ie: Shawn "The BabyMaker" Kemp) NBA player. Combined with his ballin', this "wholesome, guy next door" image undoubtedly helped Wade out when it came to endorsements.

But guess what? Anything he might have gained monetarily from the illusion of being a happily wed family man will be moot. It's entirely possible that his estranged wife is trumping up some charges against him, but it doesn't matter either way.

Siohvaughn Wade has never run suicides until she throws up violently. She's never been knocked to the ground mid-dunk by Erick Dampier. She's never had to make a game winner with 0.8 seconds remaining. She's never had to rehab a bum shoulder. But she doesn't have to. She is about to stick this cat for half his paper, and she is well within her legal rights to do so. These are the rules.

When will these idiots learn?

If you're rich and libidinous: Get fixed or wrap it up, and don't get married!!!

Question: When will these guys learn?

D-Wade's divorce takes a tawdry turn [Herald]

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