Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Reality Sucks, Except For Keyshia Cole & 50 Cent.

Ya'll know I ain't the biggest reality TV fan, but I'll admit that two shows have recently gotten added to my Tivo Season Pass.

I talked mad smack about BET's Keyshia Cole: The Way It Is in the past, but I finally got tricked into started watching it, and while it's ghetto as all get-out, it's another trainwreck you can't turn away from. From the catfights, to the absent baby daddies, to the drama packed therapy sessions, this show is like Eyes On The Prize for Hoodrats.

And when I say hoodrats, I mean Frankie of course. Man, this clip never gets old.

"Holla! Man Down Situation! Code 10!"

Seriously, you couldn't invent this character. And since we're on the topic, does anyone know what the heck "Man Down Situation: Code 10" means?

Another show I sorta like is 50 Cent: The Money And The Power, which depending on what site you read, has or hasn't already been cancelled. The show is your garden variety elimination style competition, as Curtis Jackson takes the contestants thru various street hustles to determine who gets $100K to start a bid'ness.

Yeah, it sounds boring as hell on paper, and that's prolly why it got the early hook (although it's oddly still airing as I write this). But unlike most shows of this sort where some random weedcarrier takes the contestants through the competitions (and the star shows up at the end), 50 Cent is more or less in every scene of the show. I can't say if this is a good or bad thing, but it all adds up to a decent show in the end. Catch it before it's actually gone for good.

Question: Do you watch Keyshia Cole or 50 Cent's reality shows? What's your favorite reality show? What the hell is a "Man Down/Code 10"?

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