Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Quit Yer' B*tchin' Sarah.

Yeah, I said it. Quit yer' b*tchin' and woman-up. Enough with all the victimology. You lost. Get over it. Of course that doesn't stop you and your sore losing supporters from staying stuck on stoopid in November. Witness this latest "woe is me" soliloquy.

Cue the AverageSoundTrack™.[1]

Okay, let's get a couple of things straight.
* No interviewer made you look bad. That wasn't magic editing, it was dumb answers to very simple questions.

* Nobody (not even the NY Times) is giving Caroline Kennedy a free pass. She got crushed for saying a lot of "uhmms and ahhs" in her own Caucasian Craziness interview. Her relative lack of experience was routinely discussed. The difference is, she's taking a temporary appointment for a gig that's 1-of-100, not second in line to the Oval Office. There is a difference.

* You shot yourself in the foot by not being more forthcoming about your family "issues" from the jump. Did you really think folks wouldn't eventually find out about your pregnant daughter? Apparently exploiting a special needs child and a son going to Iraq are good politricks? A knocked up teen daughter with a "redneck" baby daddy? Not so much. You should have been forthcoming.

* The "anonymous" blogger who broke the admittedly BS story about Trig's real Mom isn't exactly "anonymous". He's Andrew Sullivan from The Atlantic, and he's a pretty big deal. Not exactly some cat in his Mom's basement. Again, you could have cleared all this up by simply releasing your medical records and being forthcoming. When left to their own vices, the media will start to make up stuff. This made-up stuff is usually not flattering. Speak up first next time. And BTW, no credible media outlet even touched this story.

* I'm not up on all the tenets of feminism, but I'm assuming accusing another chick (Couric) of sexism isn't in the rule book.

* Do you really think you'd have gotten a free pass if you were a "liberal"? F'real? Did you see how the GOP ripped Hillary Clinton while her husband was in office? Do you really think those folks would treat you with respect, given your shoddy record? Are you somehow overlooking the fact that your own camp started ratting you out when the ship started sinking? Imagine if the GOP had been on the opposite sideline from the kickoff? We mighta heard faaar worse. As is, I think you got off kinda light. I'm just sayin'.
Perhaps what pisses me off most is the incessant tossing around of The "S" Word. Again, I just don't think a lot of the criticism Palin caught was sexist, but rather the result of what happens when an unknown entity is thrust into the national spotlight for the 2nd most important gig in the world at the figurative 11th hour. Her total and complete lack of transparency, availability, common sense, and humility just piled onto the problem.

She played the hand she was given, and she played it horribly. But that don't make it sexism. That just makes her inept.

This all makes me wonder, just when will folks start treating the "Gender Card" with the same sense of angst and trepidation that they do the "Race Card"? You play that bad boy out of turn, and your black ass is out of work for good. Just ask Nolan Richardson, who went from coaching a national championship team at Arkansas, to working the 3rd shift at Denny's.

For those who think "playing the Race Card" always benefits blacks, consider Richardson the ultimate C.Y.I.N. Case Study. Dude won a national championship and cannot get a job over a decade later. White coaches have caught DUI's, been accused of framing murdered players as drug dealers, doctored transcripts, and physically assaulted co-eds, yet still gotten gigs afterward. Richardson? That man couldn't get a real job if his life depended on it.

"Race Card" my black a$$.

If there was any sense of fairness, Palin would meet the same dead end fate for using such a bullsh*t excuse to cover up her own shortcomings.

Sexism? Trick please.[2]

Go. Sit. Down. Sarah.

Question: Do you think the "Gender Card" is given the same short shrift as the "Race Card"? Does Palin have some valid points or does she really just need to go sit down and eat a mooseburger?

Sarah Palin still whines about the media [LATimes]

[1] Yeah, that was sexism.

[2] That too.

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