Thursday, January 29, 2009

People I Strongly Dislike: DJ Khaled.

Having talent should be, but isn't always, a prerequisite for success in the music industry. Cats like P. Diddy, Rihanna, and Akon have forged profitable careers by virtue of merely being popular and/or having a bankable gimmick. Diddy is a legendary hypeman who steals production credit from his weedcarriers underlings. Rihanna couldn't carry a tune if she was driving a Mack Truck, but she has a unique style. Akon re-introduced the world to the joys of Autotune. Nuff' said.

Again, these folks aren't "talented" by traditional standards, but they've each found some hustle that's made them lots of money.

And that's why I can't quite figure out this DJ Khaled fella, because he has literally no discernible talent other than talking very loudly and very obnoxiously over other peoples' songs. And by other people, I mean literally everyone.

"We The Best?!?"

What's all this we stuff? I don't hear Khaled droppin' na'ar rhyme. He doesn't produce songs. He doesn't sing. He prolly isn't even a real DJ.[1] So what exactly is it that we do besides talk stoopid mumbojumbo at the needlessly drawn-out start of every song?

DJ Khaled is the Damon Jones of the rap game.

By Damon Jones, I mean a 15th man with zero game who just keeps latching onto superstars and somehow surviving year after year for reasons unknown. He's that guy at the end of the bench always poppin' sh*t but never gettin' buckets. He has superstar swag and journeyman talent.

Yup, DK Khaled = Damon Jones.


Question: Does this DJ Khaled guy annoy the hell outta you too or are you too old to even know (or care) what a DJ Khaled is? Does he actually have any real talent or is he merely the Damon Jones of the rap game?

[1] And by DJ, I don't mean some talking head who introduces songs on your local Hot/Power/Foxxy station, I mean a dude who actually knows how to work the tables.

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