Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Five Year Plan For Media Domination Gets A 9th Life.

A few weeks I told you folks about how my 5 Year Master Plan For Media Domination had taken a hit when it was announced that NPR's News & Notes, the show I occasionally sit in on, was the latest casualty of our faltering economy. Hey Congress, where's Farai's bailout, huh?

This piece of news was so devastating I even removed NPR's logo from my sidebar (it's back now). Well, I jumped the gun. I'll be on the show again today around 1pm Eastern for the Blogger's Roundtable segment. Tune in and hear me do my thing with a couple of fellow typing-heads.

In the interim, the show isn't going away until the end of March, which means there's more than enough time to pester the NPR higherups with hate mail convince the suits at NPR that their only African-American themed show needs to stick around. I mean, seriously, NPR as a whole is about as diverse as my last Managerial Retreat. Did they really have to can the only show they've got with a lil' melanin flair & swagger?

Do me a favor and sign the i-petition to keep News And Notes on the air. The point of view that brilliant host Farai Chideya brings to the public airwaves is needed, and will certainly be missed.

See ya'll Wednesday. Hopefully not for the last time.

Sign The News & Notes Petition [iPetitions]

For NPR, blacks are still last hired and first fired [Daily Voice]

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