Monday, January 26, 2009

Governor Paterson's Senate Swap-Out.

[Editor's Note: Last week, I told ya'll about my plan to expand the list of regular contributors here at I had lots of people take me up on the offer, and I'll slowly unveil these newbies like Obama's cabinet. Hopefully they all paid their taxes. First up, is my man Citizen Ojo, whose blog The Desultory Life & Times of a Public Citizen is a regular favorite of mine. Peep game.]

Poor Andrew Cuomo never stood a chance. He had a better chance of getting a job with the NAACP than replacing Hillary Clinton as Senator. Attorney General Cuomo was caught up in New York, "Inside Baseball", politics. The "it needs to be a woman to replace her" talk didn't help his case either. His former cousin-in-law Caroline Kennedy, was expected to replace Clinton with an overwhelming vote of confidence from Paterson. But before she could say I do, she said I don't.

Her quest for Clinton's seat was shaky from the beginning. For a person that had kept a private life (as much as a Kennedy could) it seemed like an odd decision. Her interactions with the press were just as confusing. She looked like a 6th grader interviewing for a job with NASA in their Atmospheric Chemistry Department. It was a Speech Teachers nightmare to watch her talk. The only time she looked comfortable was when she was eating yams with Rev. Al Sharpton.

[Editor's Note: I see Gillibrand also did the Harlem Shake with Rebb'n Al this weekend, which included the obligatory trip to Sylvia's. Folks, please tell me there's better cuisine in Harlem than that dogg-food. Please. Take her to Gray's Papaya. Anything but Sylvia's. Sheesh.]

Last week the dream candidate ended her quest by withdrawing her bid. Reports differ on the reasons for her change of mind. Some say it was marriage problems, health problems with her Uncle Ted Kennedy, or possibly the fact that she has been a sometime voter since 1988. Whatever the reason was Gov. Paterson had a backup plan. Not since O.J. Simpson has a black man had a backup white woman. Patterson named Blue Dog Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand as Clintons replacement. I guess he was trying to impress the upstate voters of New York City. I hope it works because a "Blue Dog" Democrat is a Closeted Republican.

Caroline Kennedy needs to come clean and stop the madness. I don't believe all the made up reasons for her quitting. Let's be honest and just agree that Kennedy was not up for the task. I'm not going to go into her qualifications because that is beside the point. She was not ready because……she didn't want the job. I guess the Kennedys were drawing straws and she got the short one. Kennedy is a private person that has done a good job of staying below the radar. You know just enough about her but not enough about her. She was not ready for the public scrutiny in her personal life. But don't feel sorry for Kennedy because this will pass. This will eventually become a footnote in New York State history.

In her next job search, she should take a different approach. She needs a job where qualifications aren't a big thing and they don't require background checks. It's too late to get a job in the Bush Administration but I'm sure something will come up.

Question: Between Patterson's waffling and Blagojevich's cluster, are the Dems trying everything in their power to erase all the ObaMomentum? Why did Kennedy really pull out? Could your Grandma also outcook Sylvia with both arms tied behind her back? Whaddaya' think about Citizen Ojo?

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