Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ashy Or Classy?!? : Pharell's Billionaire Boys Club.

Another day, another (weak)rapper with an embarassing clothing line.

We've seen Andre 3000's Ghetto Bagger Vance line, and Monica's Traaaap Gear for Toddlers™. Now, peep rapper/"producer"[1] Pharell's Billionaire Boys Club. If this is what a billionaire looks like, then my black a$$ needs to stay (comparatively) broke.

I know the usual suspects (and you know who you are) will tell me this is what everyone's rockin' on the yard at the local Negro College HBCU and slam me as being old and out of touch. Whatever, dude. Are you seriously tellin' me this is what's hot on the streets? I know I don't get out much anymore, but are cats really dressing up like an Ashy Ice Cream Man?The expensive bottle of Pepto.The male Capri pants/Garaminals getup.The Star Trak tuxedo, just in time for the Phoebus High prom.The "I'm gettin' my ass beat everyday in school for dressing like a froot" look. Look, he's even assuming the customary "you just got knocked the eff' out" position.The Drama School Reject, ready for his table-waiting gig at The Sizzler.And for the grand finale, my personal favorite. For the grown assed man who wants to dress like an infant, The SweetPea Onesie.This is only a handful of the dozens of designs, some of them are actually worse. Seriously, if I see another of these vanity lines, I'm going to start a separate blog for such Negro Apparel Nonsense.

Question: Ashy Or Classy? Would you rock the BBC look, or am I the only one who refuses to spend good money to look like a d-bag?

Billionaire Boys Club/IceCream [Official Website]

[1] Come on, we all know the Asian guy has all the musical talent. Skateboard P is just a front to make The Neptunes more palatable to "urban" audiences.

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