Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Clip Some Coupons, Sheree. The Well's Run Dry.

I know, I know. I said no more Bravo's Real Housewives Of Atlanta[1] posts here at And I mean it, this is the last, last one. F'real.

Monday's Guest Post (thanks VLatte) was about RHOA golddigger Sheree Whitfield's quest to stick her soon-to-be ex-husband for his papers (damn, why she gotta?!?) in court. She wanted her $2200 monthly allowance increased, and felt that after marrying a baller and popping out two kids, she was entitled to even more of the man's dwindling fortune because she's grown "accustomed to a certain lifestyle".

Well, she might wanna start filling out that Devry application, because the well has dried up.
Former Atlanta Falcon Bob Whitfield has squandered his fortune and failed to pay child support for his two children for 15 months, his ex-wife’s lawyer said Monday.

For this reason, Sheree Whitfield, a star of the TV reality show “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” dismissed her appeal of the couple’s divorce case that sought alimony from the former football star, her lawyer, Michael Weinstock, said. Weinstock said the appeal was filed for legitimate reasons but the issue is now moot because Whitfield is broke.

Whitfield, 37, played for the Falcons for 12 years. He and Sheree Whitfield married in June 2000. Six months later, the Falcons gave their star offensive lineman a then-franchise record $8 million signing bonus. The couple separated three years later and Sheree Whitfield filed for divorce in 2005.

To date, Bob Whitfield has paid $425,000 of the court-ordered $775,000 to his ex-wife. But he has not paid any child support since the final divorce judgment was signed in October 2007, Weinstock said.

After a trial, a Fulton County judge awarded Sheree Whitfield custody of the couple’s two children. The judge also ordered Bob Whitfield to pay $2,142 a month in child support, give his ex-wife $775,000 in cash and turn over shares of four NFL retirement accounts.

Bob Whitfield was awarded the family’s $2.4 million, 5,900-square-foot home in Sandy Springs and four other properties, including his “world-class” recording studio. Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc. is now advertising that it plans to foreclose and sell the spacious Sandy Springs home on the courthouse steps.
This should be a cautionary tale for all ballers and women who aspire to nothing more in life than getting knocked up by a baller. As my man Ed The Sports Fan will tell you, the NFL stands for Not For Long. As in, the money you make is only partially guaranteed (unlike in most other sports), and you're always just one torn ACL away from having to "fall back on your degree", assuming you got one in the first place. Although he went to Stanford, and runs a (used to be) successful recording studio, it doesn't seem like Whitfield graduated. And even if he did, he should have been able to sniff out a dime-getter like Sheree a mile away. If (comparatively) broke dudes like me have this GoldDigger Negro Intuition, why didn't Bob Whitfield? Dummy!

As for Sheree, the same Not For Long mantra applies. Her husband was lucky to eke out a 12 year NFL career, because the average is only about 3-4 seasons. Common sense would dictate that a man who makes $6M/season won't be able to do so once he stops playing. $6M/yr jobs aren't just floating out there on Good money management says to get used to living below your means and make wise investments so you can stretch that baller money out and never have to work again. But then again, I doubt anyone on RHOA knows anything about good money management. And let's face it, folks like this deserve each other.

Bottom line: if you're a baller, either stay strapped up or get yourself fixed. And don't get married under any circumstances until after your career is long over. Oh, and if you're trying to marry a baller, get a life, a clue, some aspirations, and a friggin' education.

Perhaps the soon-to-be-former Mrs. Whitfield will finally get the message.

Question: How on earth can the folks at A&E make another season of this wretched show now that the cover's been blown and we know these are some broke, frontin' a$$ed chicks? Do you think Bob Whitfield is really broke or is this dude pulling a Jedi Mind Trick and has millions stashed in an offshore account?

‘Real Housewives’ Sheree dismisses divorce appeal [ATLJ-C]

[1] In case you didn't know, DeShawn was just dumped from the show for being too "boring". Rumor blogs are saying Usher's wife will replace her.

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