Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Black, White, Or Other? : CarJacking A Ride Home... From Jail.

Stereotypes are a way of life in America. We feed into them so readily that they take on a life of their own. But just how well do you really know your racial stereotypes?

Black, White, Or Other? lists a particularly heinous crime/news story, with incriminating bits of info omitted for the sake of confidentiality. Your job is to guess whether the protagonist is black, white, or the omnipresent "other", and to tell why you guessed how you did. The best guessplanation wins a week's supply of Cyber CapriSuns. And yeah, you could prolly Google the news story to find out the race of the person, but what sorta loser does that? Seriously. And if you already know about the story, and thus the answer, sit this one out. Be a good sport. Don't cheat.

Anyways, here's today's entry, emphasis in bold...
Hundreds of the inmates in the {redacted} jail are repeat offenders, recidivists who have done time and been released only to find themselves back in trouble with the law years, months, weeks or even days later.

Then there's {redacted}.

On Dec. 14, the {redacted} resident was charged with assault. {redacted} was taken to the jail in {redacted}, where he appeared before a court commissioner and was released on personal recognizance.

{redacted} then walked out of the jail and, according to police, carjacked a Toyota 4Runner in the parking lot. Arrested in {redacted} a short time later, {redacted} told police that he carjacked the vehicle "because he needed a ride home from jail," according to charging documents.

"Never in the history of the Department of Corrections have we had anything of this nature occur," said {redacted}, a department spokeswoman.

{redacted}, 19, had been arrested by county police on accusations that he assaulted his mother by yelling at her and spitting on her. Once released, about 7 that evening, {redacted}, who is 6-foot-6 and weighs more than 300 pounds, yanked the driver out of the sport-utility vehicle and roared out of the jail parking lot, according to the victim and the charging documents. {redacted} didn't get far.

A little more than two hours after the carjacking, a county police officer on patrol in {redacted} saw the Toyota, its headlights off, on {redacted} Road. The officer ran a computer check and learned that the vehicle had been reported carjacked, according to the documents. {redacted} was pulled over in the parking lot of {redacted} High School.
Question: Is The Ride-Home Carjacker black, white, or other? Why?

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