Saturday, December 13, 2008

You're Crying? There's No Crying In Basketball!!!

Celtics reserve Latarian Milton Glen "Big Baby" Davis lives up to his nickname after being chewed out by Kevin Garnett. I'm on the fence about this one. Garnett is the consummate vocal on-court leader, but it helps to understand the psyche of your teammates. Chances are Big Baby prolly cries like this every time the training table closes regularly in practice, so pushing such a button during a game can't help this poor guy's self-esteem.

Then again, you don't get better as a team by having your 11th man blow defensive rotations late in games either. Sicc' em' KG!!!

Bonus: More NBA-related abuse, courtesy of Bulls rookie Derrick Rose. My ankles hurt just watching this.

Double Bonus: Emeka Okafor gets "The Patrick Ewing Facial" courtesy of D-Wade.

Question: Is Kevin Garnett being a bit too intense or does Big Baby need to man up? And who is that Dave Chappelle looking guy sitting to his right?

* Clips shamelessly jacked from Ed The SportsFan.

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