Friday, December 19, 2008

Why Did I Get Married?!?

You folks know I don't do gossip/innuendo type stories here at I don't really give a crap what other folks do in their bedrooms, who's on the DL, and who's got a secret 17 year old love-child being raised by their rgrandmother. I'm not saying this sorta stuff isn't a fun diversion, but there's enough other sites that specialize in this kinda nonsense.

That said, grant me a momentary reprieve as I present this latest case of extreme Negro Nonsense to you. There's a greater (I hope) point to it all.
And they say Plaxico Burress has great hands.

Burress' fellow Giant, newlywed linebacker Antonio Pierce, got awfully cozy with a pretty young thang at a West Side strip club about an hour before Burress accidentally shot himself, a video obtained by The Post reveals.

A mystery woman was also with Pierce later that night at the East Side club Latin Quarter when Burress' gun went off - and then drove both Giants to New York-Cornell Hospital in Pierce's SUV, sources said.

After the shooting at Latin Quarter, which occurred early Nov. 29, and after seeing Burress to the hospital with a leg wound, Pierce took Burress' .40-caliber Glock to his own New Jersey home. The father of three has since cooperated with police and hopes not to be charged.

On May 24, Pierce married model and television personality Jocelyn Maldonado, 28, on Maui, where members of the band Jodeci sang "All My Life" for their first dance. But six months later, Maldonado was nowhere in sight at Head Quarters.

The video shows Pierce and a petite lady friend strolling into the West 38th Street jiggle joint at 11:21 p.m. Nov. 28. Footage later shows the two looking very comfortable together upstairs. The woman is seated on a barstool, as Pierce looms over her with several club employees nearby. Pierce leans down and kisses her.

Shortly afterward, the two walk down to the end of the bar, and the woman sits on another stool as Pierce stands nearby. He grabs her long, black hair and begins to stroke it - repeatedly - as she looks away. Pierce playfully leans down toward her neck and chest, prompting her to giggle and teasingly push him off.

He walks to her other side and throws his arms around her, grabbing her arm and swiveling the stool. As she pulls away, he slides his paw across her breast, briefly grabs and tosses her hair, and then slides his hand down to briefly stroke her curvy bottom. The woman beams at Pierce's attentiveness.

Later, she joins Pierce behind the bar, leaning against him as they sway to the music. Pierce wraps his arm across her torso before leaning down to nuzzle her hair.
Here's the incriminating video.

Busted! And this guy thought getting hit by Marion Barber was tough. Wait'll he gets a load of those divorce papers.

I won't pretend that people don't slip out on their spouses all the time. They do. This is a fact of life and has been since the beginning of time.

What I really just can't understand is why Pierce and guys of his ilk with fame, lots of money, and plenty of available suitors even bother getting married in the first place?

Seriously, why would you get hitched? It's not bringing you more endorsement money. You don't love the chick that much. If you've got kids by her, it's much cheaper to pay child support than child support and spousal support. All that's gonna happen is a massive loss when the house of cards inevitably folds. I say keep playin' the field as long as you're on the field, and settle down once them checks quit comin' in, if evar.

But this bama got married to a NY-area sportscaster just last Summer, and is so stoopid he goes into a strip club with millions of cameras in this day and age, and somehow thinks he won't get caught? What a dumbass!

I've said it before, and I shall say it once more: if you're an athlete or entertainer, DO NOT get married, and DO NOT have unprotected sex!!! Period. Why bother?

You can bet the farm that his wife is gonna use this surveillance video to nail him to the cross when they hit divorce court. He is already on shaky ground with the Giants after his performance the last couple of weeks and his involvement with the Plaxico Burress idiocy. So, with his career already at a crossroads, he could be looking at massive divorce settlement, not to mention the accompanying child support for the three kids that I'm (only) assuming he also has (at least one of) with his new, soon to be ex-wife.

A few years from now, we'll read about this dude putting his ring for sale on eBay, or perhaps winding up in jail for back child support. And all for what?

Seriously, marriage is a lot of work, even if you've not screwing around with other women. You'd think this dude would have learned something from, oh, I dunno, his own (ex)teammates like Michael Strahan and Amani Toomer, both of whom got ripped a new one in their own very public divorce proceedings not long ago.

Pierce's day in front of Judge Toler is coming soon. It will not be pretty. It will not be cheap. It will not be favorable.

And worst of all, it could have been totally avoided.

If you still wanna eff' around: Don't. Get. Married.

Question: How dumb is Antonio Pierce on a scale of 1-10? After less than six months of marriage, does his wife deserve half his wealth for this very public humiliation? Why do athletes and entertainers even bother getting married in the first place if they're clearly not ready to give up "The Life"?


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