Wednesday, December 10, 2008

More NeNe Nonsense.

Yep, you knew it was coming. Fox 5 Atlanta just outted another one.

After the way the iTeam Atlanta busted Flip This House's Sam Leccima, and now The Real Housewives Of Atlanta I think it's safe to say that no more reality shows need to be shot in A-Town.

Keyshia Cole, you might wanna tighten up, homegirl.

This probably doesn't mean the end of RHOA, but it's likely the end of the line for NeNe. Reeling from the loss of credibility, Flip This House immediately wrote Leccima (and eventually his real estate broker Angie) out of the show, then simply retooled with another group of minority flippers (Latinos in LA). So while I'm sure RHOA will lose some appeal without it's main star, the show will go on because ratings matter too. They'll just find another another ghetto bird and swindling Sugar Daddy to plug in. It shouldn't be that hard.

Question: Should they just go ahead and scrap plans for Season Two while they're still ahead?

I-Team: Real Housewives of Atlanta [Fox5ATL]

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