Thursday, December 4, 2008

Black, White, Or Other? : The Sammich Eating Bank Robber.

Stereotypes are a way of life in America. We feed into them so readily that they take on a life of their own. But just how well do you really know your racial stereotypes?

Black, White, Or Other? lists a particularly heinous crime/news story, with incriminating bits of info omitted for the sake of confidentiality. Your job is to guess whether the protagonist is black, white, or the omnipresent "other", and to tell why you guessed how you did. The best guessplanation wins a week's supply of Cyber CapriSuns. And yeah, you could prolly Google the news story to find out the race of the person, but what sorta loser does that? Seriously. And if you already know about the story, and thus the answer, sit this one out. Be a good sport. Don't cheat.

Anyways, here's today's entry...
A bank robber here had a big appetite - and not just for money. A man munching on a sandwich Tuesday demanded money from a teller at the {redacted} Credit Union. A detective said the robber's working lunch was a first.

"To each his own. He came in with a sandwich and left with it. He must have been hungry," said Detective {redacted}, who is investigating the robbery, which happened about 12:45 p.m. Tuesday. The man left with an undetermined amount of money in a plain white plastic bag.

{redacted}, credit union chief executive, said the man seemed patient as he waited to rob the place.

"He was pretty calm and willing to wait and eat his sandwich," {redacted} said. Employees can laugh about it now, she said, because no one was hurt.

"My vice president's grandchildren are calling (the robber) the 'sandwich bandit,'" {redacted} said. "They said it was rude he would come in and eat the sandwich and rob the bank at the same time."

She said police tried hard to identify the type of sandwich in hopes that a bank employee could recognize the wrapper or anything about it. There are several sandwich shops and fast-food restaurants in the area, but no one could say what it was the robber was polishing off.

The man visited the credit union briefly about 10 minutes before returning to rob it, {redacted} said. During the first visit, he asked about closing time and said he needed to bring his wife in to sign a check. When he came back, he was eating.

{redacted} said police are appealing to the public for tips to make an arrest in the case.

The suspect is described as a {redacted} male in his late 30s to mid-40s, about 5-foot-9 with a thin build and a mustache. He was wearing a stocking cap, red sunglasses, bluejeans, a light brown jacket and white shoes.
Question: Is the Sammich Eating Bank Robber Black, White, or Other? Why?

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