Monday, November 3, 2008

Why Not To Vote For Obama: Reason #172.

Come on, seriously, what black man worth his Lawry's salt makes this sorta gaffe?

That's grounds for having your Ghetto Pass revoked, Barry!!! Sheesh.

On the other hand, how gully is it that Obama keeps subliminally lobbing Malcolm X quotes in his speeches?

It's amazing to me that the Conservative assclowns so intent on labelling Obama a domestic terrorist are so dumb they haven't picked up on this.[1] He literally drops this in every speech where he's got a sizable black presence. By just throwing out the "hoodwinked" and "bamboozled" points, it's tantamount to seeing another brother approaching you on the street and giving him "the nod". It's an acknowledgement that "yeah, I'm playing the game to do what I gotta do, but I'm still down". 90% of the time, I notice the black folks standing behind him (like those in NC yesterday) grinning because they "got it", while the white folks seem more or less oblivious. Personally, I love it.

It almost makes up for getting Weezy and Elizabeth mixed up.


Question: Is Obama speaking in "code" with his Malcolm X subliminals?

[1] I'm obviously not calling Detroit Red a "domestic terrorist". But let's face it, namedropping him isn't the same as quoting Dr. King. Again, it's simply amazing the GGGG-O-P Uniiiiiiitt! hasn't picked up on this. Simply amazing. Imagine the "guilt by association" orgy they could have with "The Autobiography".

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