Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Random Thoughts On The Day After.

Lots on my mind right now, here's just some of it. I'll add more as they come.

What Will Barry Do? - As I've stated before, Barack Obama can help Black America most by simply doing a good job. I have little reason to think he won't. He's a deliberator who keeps a calm head at all times, and unlike most of his competitors, he burned no bridges during the election. So, folks should be willing to work with him, and get some things done.

A Great Night For Black America - I'm not the most nostalgic of people, but the depth of what happened last night isn't lost on me. When you think of the ancestors in the Motherland, all the slaves that died, all the people slain during the civil rights movement, this is truly an amazing point in time. My Dad couldn't drink from certain water fountains. Last night, a guy from the generation behind him became the most powerful man in the world. Chew on that one.

A Wakeup Call For Black America - Let's be honest: an Obama Presidency isn't going to "save" Black America. Yes, it's a great symbolic gesture, but reality is, your mayor and city council have far more influence on your day to day life than Barry ever will in 20 terms. I hope this can be a motivating factor for many of us to achieve greater heights now that the ultimate ceiling has been lifted, but that's on us not Barry. Yes, racism still exists, and affirmative action is still needed. But it's up to Black America to cease the momentum and get in the game. There is no messiah in the White House. It's on us. Take The AverageBro Challenge™ and make a difference, stop expecting change, become change.

Haterz Everywhere - Watching all the conservative chatters who spewed venom have to say the words "President Elect Obama" today has been perhaps the sweetest feeling of all. After months of watching these guys call Obama everything from a racist, to a terrorist, to an elitist, all in the name of getting their guy elected, watching these a-holes eat crow this morning has been lovely. I Tivo'd Fox And Friends. I am listening to some local talk radio d-bag this morning. All the Conservative blogs are all choked up. I bet tonight's Hannity and Colmes will be the highest rated cable broadcast ever. Hey Hannity! Tell me how my a$$ taste!!!

And then there's this a$$hole.

Wow. Just... wow.

BTW, is it just me or is Fox News' Shepard Smith getting gully of late or what?

Black Turnout Was Amazing!!! - Some are saying blacks showed up to vote at a higher overall rate than whites. I simply have no words for this.

The End Of An Era? - While last night was historic for obvious reasons, I hope it also means the end of the era of slanderous politrics that leave no stone unturned in the name of victory. This isn't an exclusively Conservative tactic, you could argue that Hillary Clinton ran a nastier campaign than McCain did, and you'd be right. To me, the final straw was watching Elizabeth Dole paint her opponent as "godless". There is no excuse for that. None. And I'm so glad Dole got her arse handed to her, just like Clinton, and McCain did. Does this send a message that America is tired of such tactics? Time will tell.

Where Did The Hate Go? - After months of being riled up, where does all that quasi-racist Obama sentiment go?

The Speech - Lets face it, the speech was underwhelming, but Barry absolutely gave the moment the historical significance it deserves. Nuff' said.

McCain Is Sorta Classy - I really liked McCain's concession speech. It was classy and recognized the historic significance of the moment perhaps even better than Obama's acceptance speech. He was gracious, and if you closed your eyes and listened, he was sincere. It was the likable and humble John McCain we all knew from SNL, and that roast a few weeks ago. To me, it's becoming more evident than ever that John McCain is the same noble guy that we've always known, he just made a pact with the Devil (aka: Rick Davis and the far-right) to try and win a campaign he wouldn't have taken in a million years. He now goes back to the Senate, and if you ask me, I think history will kindly overlook the tone of the campaign he ran.

Palin Is Toast - Notice how Mrs. Sarah was on the verge of tears as McCain conceded? Those weren't tears to joy, they were tears of "awww sh*t, what now?". I suppose she can go back to Alaska and keep her Day Job for now, despite that ethics investigation. Still, let's keep it one hunned: the exit polls will show that she was ultimately a liability to the ticket so there's absolutely no way the GOP drags her back from the nether regions in 2012 unless they just want to lose again. Many pundits are counting the economic collapse as the turning point, but if you read this site, you'll know that the week after the convention when she did the Katie Couric interview, and SNL got ahold of her, the tide changed. It would have happened, collapse or no collapse. And honestly, it prolly would have happened had McCain made a "safe" choice like Romney or Lieberman. You don't stop history. You can only hope to contain it.

First Lady's New Clothes - AverageSis and AverageSisInlaw love Michelle-O, but the family consensus is she needs a new stylist. Last night's red and black number got two thumbs down at the Results Party. Michelle looked like a damn black widow spider. She is usually on point, but the last couple of weeks, she has been slippin' bigtime. I mean, she was on the stump the other day wearing some damn turquoise pencil jeans and a yellow sweater. She looked like a damn can of Similac! Homegirl needs to stop shopping off the rack and step her game up. I know this is superficial, but hey...

Black Kids In The White House - The sight of Malia and Sasha running 1600 Penn Ave will probably big a bigger culture shock than the parents themselves. On the "social totem pole" of American life, little black girls are dead last. Seeing them elevated to first is going to warm so many hearts.

Bye Bye Joe! - You will never hear the words "Joe The Plumber" again. Evar.

Cry Jesse! Cry! - I still don't really know what to make of the sight of Jesse Jackson boo hooing as the race was called for Barry. Could it be the pain of knowing he's seen as having stood in the way of change? The culmination of his life's work, hope, and dreams? Or was it simply because cameras were around? I swear, a couple of times, I saw him instinctively turn his face ever so slightly when he noticed a red light. Seriously, did anyone else notice this? Watch around the 35 second mark.

The Real Winner, Other Than Obama (And Oprah). - Tina Fey probably gained more personally from this election than another not named Obama, Winfrey, or Biden. Seriously, she is now a fullblown A-List star. I hope this translates into better ratings for the criminally slept-on 30 Rock, which is the only show worth watching now that The Shield is on it's last legs.

Question: Any comments on my observations? Any world-altering observations of you own?

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