Friday, November 14, 2008

Is Barack Obama The Tony Dungy Of Presidents?!?

Editor's Note: Warning, poorly executed sports analogies ahead.

So, Barry's got the gig. Now what?

Dude is already assembling a cabinet that looks like a Who's Who of The Clinton Years, which you can take as a good or bad thing, depending on your perspective. Personally, I don't think this is bad. As long as there's no dot com bust, and no fellating interns included, I think this is a solid move. Let's face it, for all the talk of "change", reality is, there's only a handful of people experienced enough to man a cabinet level position, and most of them have done it before. When you appoint newbies to these sorta posts, very bad things can happen.

Anyone remember FEMA?!?

Anyways, even with a solid team behind him, something tells me America needs to cool it's jets on the high expectations that The Beige One is just gonna sweep in and make errythang okay from Day One.

Seriously Peggy Joseph, get your mind right. You need a savior, and that savior doesn't play basketball.

Even is Jesus did have time to shoot hoops, he could prolly go to his right at least 50% of the time. Mix it up, Barry. And passing the rock every now and then wouldn't hurt either.

Let's face it, Obama has his work cut out for him. The deficit is growing by the day. More bailouts are coming. Those wars have to be tended to. His domestic agenda will need to be financed. And I'm still waiting to hear his 5-point plan to get rid of those damn vocoders auto-tune plug-ins that have ruined black music.

For anyone with even a moderate grasp of history, this should come as no surprise. Namely, only when things are completely in the crapper does a brotha usually get a shot. Did ya'll really think a black man could have gotten this gig had Bush not screwed up so royally?

You guys know I don't particularly care for Darryl Lynn, but that was the realest sh*t I never wrote.

Anyways, the more I look at the Obama situation, the more it reminds me of a similar situation that another Beige Brother faced not too long ago. That's right, Obama reminds me of Tony Dungy.

Dungy, for those unaware, was an underwhelming NFL player who paid his dues for nearly 15 years as an assistant before finally getting his shot as a head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Despite having years of experience, many critics saw Dungy as a motivational leader who didn't really understand X's and O's and was doomed to fail with a gang of losers like the Bucs.

Those of you born after 1980 prolly think the Bucs have always been a solid team, but that's hardly true. As HuntDaddy can prolly tell you, those bamas were comically awful for most of their post-expansion existence until Dungy hit town in 1996. After a slow start, the team finally dumped those awful powder orange jerseys and built a solid defensive squad that featured guys like current Dancing With The Star Warren Sapp, Derrick Brooks, and Hardy Nickerson.

Dungy quickly took this team from worse to first and took the team to multiple playoff runs before getting canned in 2001. The feeling was that the team was just a couple of offensive players away from making a run at the Super Bowl, but Dungy got replaced with a relative greenhorn in John "Chucky" Gruden.

The rest, as they say, is infamy.

Gruden came over and the team won the Super Bowl in his first year as coach. Gruden was lauded as a young mastermind who finally pulled together a moribund squad of serial underachievers. The fact that Dungy had done most of the heavy lifting[1] for prior 5 seasons was largely overlooked.

All I'm sayin' is, temper your expectations folks.

Question: Do you think people's expectations of Obama are too high? What do you think of his early cabinet picks? Is the Obama/Dungy comparison spot-on?

[1] Yeah, I know, I know. Dungy went on to win a Super Bowl with the Colts in 2007. Don't let that small fact get in the way of a great sports analogy.

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